summer self-care reading challenge

over the past few months, I’ve been taking a LOT of overdue time to slow my roll, unplug, detox (not just with food), and 100% hone in on self-care. I’m sure some of you can relate to this, but I felt as though life was drowning me … I’d been so caught up in the overwhelm of work and life that I was starting to short circuit and couldn’t breathe. and my health was suffering.

I had to hit the panic button. pull the e-brake. after months of panic attacks, hospital and urgent care visits, invasive medical procedures, weeks upon weeks of never-ending, recurring flus, and more tears than I’d care to recount, my meltdown culminated in a pile of takeout containers and ants in my room from not getting out of bed to go to the kitchen, and with a panic attack that involved clutching my knees under my desk at work, in a full-blown state of shock for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

this got pretty heavy pretty quick. ur prob like ‘excuse me where tf are the books this is depressing.’

my b. anyway, onto the good stuff?

long story short, I’m taking a pause to come up for air. and it feels pretty incredible. I made a long list of objectives of what I was going to do to feel better, that comprises physical activities (not just exercise), diet stuff, digital detoxing in different mediums, offline de-stressing activities, and chiefly โ€” reading.

I collected an amalgam of books. some were gifts, some were things I found through my job, some I bought, some I honestly don’t know where they came from. I decided I was going to devour the lot of them and have the most self-care, self-help reading marathon there ever was. whether I was curling up on the couch under a blanket, sitting by a sunny part of the windowsill, lounging in bed, or laying on the sand at the beach with ocean waves as my soothing background noise, I’d have one of these books in hand.

though I’ve just started, I’ve read a few so far. I’ll update with my review of each below the list, and bold each title as I get through.

the goal is to learn more about health,ย  happiness, wellbeing, and emotional strength and fortitude. if you feel like any of those areas of your life could use some TLC, then join me in this summer reading challenge! I would love to hear which ones spoke to you.

also read a book that’s more specific to my personal circumstances relating to emotional wellbeing, plus three books about raising a dog, but that’s another (very exciting!) story for another day. also put GOT book 2 on hold for all of these, so that’s saying something.

if you’ve always wanted to do a reading challenge but want to take your mental health to the next level simultaneously, this list will not only get you off your phone for a while (major bonus), but teach you so much about yourself in the process. I hope you’re as excited as I am for the healing and happiness that awaits in the pages.

[reviews coming soon! sneak peek: the first two books on the list are GAME changers and I super recommend both of them.]




3 thoughts on “summer self-care reading challenge

  1. thegarsowtwins says:

    I LOVE The Happiness Project! One of my all-time favorite books and definitely impacted my life in a positive way! BTW congrats on the pup! My dogs have basically cured any anxiety and worry in my life :) – Britta

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