puppy fever 🐾


I’ve wanted a dog for years. Growing up with the sweetest golden retriever in the universe (everyone who’s ever had a golden probably says that TBH), it’s been a massive dream of mine to bring another baby golden into my life and raise her as my own. I love all dogs, but there’s a particular soft spot I have for these fluffy blondies and I knew my first pup would be a golden girl.

My 2018 resolution was to finally go for it. As most people do, I had fears about logistics, my training capabilities, housing, etc… but all those things were keeping me from going after something my heart so desperately desired. So like why hold back namsayin do something once a day that scares u etc etc.

I mustered up all the courage I had and went for it. I knew it would be the ideal therapy treatment, and that I’d learn so much about myself in the process of raising this baby. Soooo here goes nothing!

I’m so grateful to bring home my sweet little Stella, or as she’s formally known: Princess Stella Arwen Violette von Waffles, of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name.

I’ll be going through a lot β€” obviously β€” as a first time puppy mama. So far she’s pooped in the house and tried to eat it, she absolutely hates being in the crate or playpen with the door closed (door open = fine. door closed = incessant screaming), and has a hard time sleeping by herself but it’s only day 2 and I’m excited to see how much she grows and acclimates to life with me. She’s not reading my mind the way Cesar Millan said she would and I kind of want a refund on that book because it was basically 250 pages of him telling me dogs are mind readers. Remember Kunu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall? “Do less.” Fun fact… doing less = poop in the house.


To remember her tiny floofiness, my bestie Chy β€” who is an absolutely magnificent photographer β€” cemented today’s moments and Stella’s little face with a unbelievably adorable maternity shoot (lol). I’m insanely grateful for her talent, her eye, and her love for Stella :) if you’re in the market for photos (art for your house or portraits!) you gotta hit her up. Enjoy these puppy pawtraits, a new phrase coined by my dear friend Brinton. She knows my affinity for portmanteaus all too well.

Enjoy these photos by the wonderful Cheyenne Arnold :)

Puppy tips? Training pointers? PLS HELP ME.

(Also: if you’re new, too, I’ll make sure to share successes with you as I go!)

xx (& arf arf),
Dominique & Stella 🐾

8 thoughts on “puppy fever 🐾

  1. thegarsowtwins says:

    SHE IS SO CUTE!!! We had a golden growing up too, they really are the best! Our best friend has one and says she eats everything (carpeting, beauty blenders, etc), so beware of that! Also, as far as crate training goes just let her cry in there. She’ll adjust quickly and you’ll be happy you crate trained her in the long run! Whenever we go to leave the house our dog Luna puts herself in her crate, she loves it. It makes leaving the house so much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dominique says:

      Omg THANK you I’ve been pretty stressed about the crate! She seriously hates it. She cried all night 😭 I’m gonna try to have her tough it out tonight.


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