anthropologie holiday gifts (all on sale!!) ๐ŸŽโ˜ƒ๏ธ

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Need a host/hostess gift, or feeling like getting a little something for yourself?

These “last minute” gifts are all on sale at Anthropologie. Some Christmas goodies and ornaments, some year-round staples (my fav toothpaste, an awesome serum, and the NuFACE mini?!) โ€” everything at a discount. Treat yourself, deck the halls, or wrap up your holiday gifting.

Ahead, my favs from their sale!

Cute Christmas Treasures

Forewarning, there are a lot of mugs in this section. But HEAR ME OUT… holiday mugs aren’t technically part of your year round mug collection. This means they don’t count toward your mug total. AND THEY’RE SO CUTE?!

Susannah Garrod ‘Tis The Season Mug (on sale for $8 from $14) How fun is this mug with cheetahs on it?! The colors are fab.

Nathalie Lete Christmas Mug (on sale for $9 from $16) Nathalie Lete is one of my favs (if you didn’t know this before, you def will by the end of this post) and this mug is so classic. I can see this being something I pass down to my grandchildren who will most likely be golden retrievers.

Joy To The World Mug (on sale for $8 from $14) OK last mug I swear!! I just thought this one was adorable and such an inexpensive gift!

Grecian Bust Ornament (on sale for $12 from $24) Cracking up about how specific this is, because one of my dearest friends has this real life bust with a real life plant in it in her bedroom. The ornament version is hilarious and awesome.

Susannah Garrod Christmas Tea Set (on sale for $34 from $58) THESE DON’T COUNT AS MUGS!!! It’s a tea set! And also… what a bargain?! CHRISTMAS TEA!!

Champagne Ornament (on sale for $9 from $18) This is just adorable, and I want it. That’s all!

Townhouse Candle (on sale for $37 from $54) Again… this is stupid cute. When the candle is gone, use it as like, a cookie jar? Knickknack decor? A vase? The limit does not exist!

Nathalie Lete Christmas Carafe (on sale for $22 from $38) Back with my girl Nathalie and this precious carafe that I absolutely need, must have, will beg Santa Claus for.

Year Round Must Haves

Claw Clips (on sale for $16 from $24) Claw clips are the new scrunchies. I don’t make the rules. For a set of three, these are a great price and an awesome style.

Slip Silk Pillowcases (on sale for $62 from $89) Y’all already know I need some fresh Slip silk pillowcases, and they’re on sale right now!!!

NuFACE Mini Gift Set (on sale for $146 from $209) I just got a facial at Burke Williams that used the NuFACE, and WOW… I had the tightened visage of a fresh infant. That sounds gross but just trust me it was cool. I looked like an Instagram filter IRL.

Marvis Royal Toothpaste (on sale for $7 from $11) I’ve also talked about how much I love this toothpaste! Again, on sale!

Sunday Riley Good Genes (on sale for $59 from $85) I really like Sunday Riley serums; I just actually got a sample of this, and so far it’s great. I know it’s a best seller, people love it, and… on sale. yay.

Solid Host/Hostess Gifts

Nathalie Lete Dog Pillow (on sale for $28 from $40) OK maybe this is only a solid hostess gift for me specifically, but how fun!?

Boulangerie Candles (on sale for $15 from $22) An anthro favorite, these candles work for gifts well past the yuletide season (and are great just for, you know, yourself).

Nathalie Lete Dinner Plates ($28) Last Nathalie piece, I swear… but I rly do want that Eiffel Tower plate lol. These aren’t on sale I just personally want them??

Other Super Cute Gifts

Stacked Birthstone Ring (on sale for $40 from $58) A beautiful, personal gift at a really dece price.

Tai Rittichai Zodiac Necklace (on sale for $33 from $48) OK so there are only a few left, but if you’re a fire or air sign you’re in luck! These necklaces are gorgeous and great for someone who’s getting into astrology.

Printfresh Best Friend PJs (on sale for $103 from $148) I’ve had a pair of Printfresh PJs on my own wish list for a couple years, and I didn’t know they had DOG PRINT!?!!?? They still have XS in stock which feels like a sign from God dog.

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