About Me


Hey there! I’m Dominique. I’m in my twenties, and this year I left my little hometown just outside sunny San Diego to make a big girl move to San Francisco.

I’m loving life in my new city. Before this move, I lived in Southern California and San Diego most of my life. I went to USC and studied PR (after dabbling in music and neuroscience), and I have semi-realistic goals of traveling to every continent.

I love pretty things, I love living at the beach, and I love finding the beauty in all things in life, hence the inspiration for my blog: Beauty & The Beach.

You can read a little more about my background here.

Thanks for joining me as I catalog and share some of my favorite  things to do – such as scavenge for pizza along the coastline of my home state of California. I promise I have pastimes other than food.

In the past couple years I’ve really fallen in love with fitness, and have made a transformation from physical ineptitude and athletic aversion into half-marathon runner and overly-enthusiastic yoga student (yogi would be too gratuitous of a title at this point). In fact, my newfound passion for exercise led me into my job — I write at POPSUGAR Fitness now!*

I have a deep love of travel and learning about places and cultures; I’ve made it my life goal to spend more money on experiences versus material possessions — but I really love Nordstrom, so, I’m still working on that one. I try to travel as much as I can on my budget, and so far I’ve been to Mexico a couple times, the Bahamas, Aruba, and Paris, in addition to many a trip to San Francisco (I live here now so does that still count?), a couple to Park City, UT, New York, Portland, and Miami. My bucket list for travel is infinite — I just checked off Hawaii (MY DREAM) — but next I’d love to see Australia, Banff, South East Asia (Thailand and Cambodia), Alaska, and more parts of Europe. Going back to the Caribbean wouldn’t hurt, either.

I hope you find inspiration through these posts and vignettes from my day-to-day life of eating, working off the eating via fitness, shopping, finding new music, traveling, living at the beach, and eating.


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*[Speaking of which, time for the disclaimer: all thoughts and opinions expressed on this platform are my own! Although it’d be pretty hilarious if my thoughts and opinions were identical to that of my multi-million dollar, international, several-hundred-employee-large, media company employer… right?]



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