About Me

Hey there! I’m Dominique. I’m a writer, authordog mom, fitness fanatic, traveler, carb addict, and beach lover living in southern California. I’m obsessed with the golden state and have lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego — this really is the best coast!

I love pretty things, I love living at the beach, and I love finding the beauty in all things in life, hence the inspiration for my blog: beauty & the beach.

Thanks for joining me as I catalog and share some of my favorite  things to do… such as scavenge for pizza along the coastline of my home state of California (I promise I have pastimes other than food).

In the past few years I’ve really fallen in love with fitness, and have made a transformation from physical ineptitude and athletic aversion into half-marathon runner, SoulCycler, Barry’s Bootcamper, and full-time Pilates enthusiast. I spent two and a half years writing and creating digital video content for POPSUGAR Fitness, and am currently an independent fitness writer and finishing my CSCS certification process to be a trainer.

I have a deep love of travel and learning about places and cultures; I’ve made it my life goal to spend more money on experiences versus material possessions — but I really love lululemon, so… I’m still working on that one. I try to travel as much as I can on my budget, and so far I’ve been to a nice array of beautiful cities and countries. Some favorites: Maui, the Big Island, Mexico a handful of times, the Bahamas, St Barths, Aruba, Paris a few times, Nice, London, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast —alongside a sprinkling of trips to Park City, UT, New York, Nantucket, Portland, and Miami. My bucket list for travel is infinite — I recently checked off Hawaii (MY DREAM) — but next I’d love to see Australia, Banff, South East Asia (Thailand and Cambodia specifically), Alaska, Svalbard, and more parts of Europe. Going back to the Caribbean wouldn’t hurt, either. And it’s my life goal to go to Hawaii as much as possible.

I hope you find inspiration through these posts and vignettes from my day-to-day life of eating, working off the eating via fitness, raising the sweetest little golden retriever, shopping, eating, finding new music, traveling, living at the beach, and eating.


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