beauty & the beach 2020 holiday gift guide πŸŽ„βœ¨

it’s that time again! not sure if it will compare to the beauty that is the 2019 guide (still love/recommend literally all that stuff, and thanks to turning this into my literal christmas list for my family, I own 99% of it) β€” but here we are. the end of a trash fire year. we made it. let’s f*king SHOP, shall we? I’m fine.

ahead, you’ll find my usual picks…. skincare, some nice clothing items, scented candles, chanel, kitchen products, lululemon, wellness stuff, yeti gear, etc etc. you know the drill. hopefully you’re still down with my vibe.

with the exception of 2016 (rough year, lol), I’ve done a gift guide every year since 2015 and I spend a lot of time on these. like, no one should spend this much time on a gift guide. I don’t even spend this much time on gift guides people pay me to write. this is all to say that this is my passion project: to bring you a collage of curated products you might want to buy, in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, while also trying to send overt requests to my sibling. anyway.

I hope this brings you some well deserved joy during this much needed holiday season. at the very least, some fun window shopping and a few light chuckles at my self deprecation. please enjoy!

My personal wishlist…

stuff I actually really want but will probably end up buying myself at some point

my must haves this year…

small (but thicc) gold hoops β€” I know these have been a thing for a while but I’m having a moment where I neeeed them. I haven’t found the right ones and don’t want to waste money on crappy ones that’ll turn green, ya know? also this is such a gretchen weiners moment like when her parents got her white gold hoops for hanukkah and she had to pretend like she didn’t even like them because regina george said hoops were her thing.

lululemon yoga mat β€” so here’s the thing, I have a lululemon yoga mat that I’ve loved for the past five years, but stella has decided it’s hers and now it’s covered in scratch marks from her “big stretches” while sleeping and lounging on my mat. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of lulu mats, and I’m desperately hoping they restock this pink one which is currently sold out, but if you’re not into pink as much as I am (who is, honestly), they have some cute reversible ones β€” I love these too! (also if anyone in my immediate family is reading this, CHAMBRAY COLOR LEGGINGS, SIZE 0 OR 2, ALSO VERY COOL, ILYSM MIKE K BYE)

the amazon slippers all the influencers have β€” yes, I’ve been influenced by tiktok. YES I have multiple pairs of slippers (three, UGG brand) but these camel ones from parlovable are an ABSOLUTE yes from me. like, definitely need. UPDATE: I accidentally bought them for myself already. silky as heeeelllll omg what a bargain for 24 dollhairs and they arrived in like 9 hours I swear aight 10/10 recommend

jimmy fairly blue light glasses β€” do I have regular glasses? yes, yes I do. but I’m getting lasik (YAY) so I need to protect my poor fragile eyes from the evils of my computer screen, tablet, phone, watch, TV, etc etc etc. and these ones from jimmy fairly in paris are SO CHIC. pls santa, PLS.

bathrobe β€” I need a plush robe. I have 1,000 bridesmaids robes (you know, the silky little above-the-knee kimonos, with your name embroidered?) but nothing plush, soft, and warm for the chillier months. and given that we literally are confined to our homes, this feels like more and more of a necessity every day. this one is legit 75% off ($100 off!!), and this one looks right up my alley. a nice neutral/taupe/tan would be lovely. I haven’t found the robe of my dreams yet, but I’m on the hunt. IS BAREFOOT DREAMS THE MOVE?! someone pls tell me.

hot pink kenzo coat β€” I have been scouring the internet for this coat since the day emily in paris dropped on netflix (I am not exaggerating in any way β€” you probably know this). at this point I’d honestly pay a finders fee. it’s cashmere and wool, the most perfect obnoxious shade of fuchsia, and the ideal silhouette. seriously, if anyone can find this I will pay u. I NEED IT. on that note, I’m also on the hunt for a good puffer jacket (alo, pls make this in a light neutral), and a wool camel coat (like this insanely gorgeous one from reiss).

sweaters/cardigans β€” SO CHIC RN, particularly for my soft girl aesthetic. ideally from mirae or sΓ©zane, or whatever angΓ¨le is wearing here. if anyone can tell me where that is from I’ll send you a starbucks gift card, no cap.

bala bangles and ring β€” aesthetic gym gear, it’s all the rage! I saw all the influencers with bala bangles so *I* wanted bala bangles. and the ring. I’m praying to the media gods that bala will send these to me.

chanel shoes β€” every year I put something crazy on my list that I know no one will buy me (but a girl can dream β€” let’s be honest, this is basically my vision board). sometimes I end up buying the thing for myself later on, sometimes it remains a pipe dream. in the spirit of manifestation (it’s 11/11 today!) I’m putting these classic chanel cap toe slingbacks on here. so timeless. so beautiful. so french. I die. will work 4 chanel. currently working 4 chanel. yes I still want a bag more than this but I can’t put the same thing on a gift guide every year …. or can I???

chanel holiday lipstick and cosmetics β€” a more realistic chanel gift, I stan their lipsticks super hard (the rouge coco ones specifically are super moisturizing, but rouge allure for my fav red #99 pirate). also can we talk about how insanely cool their holiday website is?! wow. I might have to lift all this code for my own business website. also this glow stick?! OOOHHHkay.

j.crew camel cashmere crewneck β€” OK so this has been on my “2020 wish list” since january because I’ve been focused on building a “forever wardrobe” with timeless staples. and what’s more timeless than a cashmere crewneck sweater in a lovely neutral? hell yeah.

picnic basket β€” also in line with my soft girl aesthetic are picnic baskets, which, in a moment of absolute shock, I discovered I do not own. a few options here: mark & graham (always a classic), this beachy one that is just so beautifully styled and practical, and a classic under $50 option. I think the nords one may be my fav? idk what do you think?

dyson hair wrap β€” yo so this is a LUUUUUSHURY item but my stylist/bestie courtney said this is a must-have. is my hair worth the $550 spend? unclear.

bagel slicer β€” so this one time when I worked at popsugar we had a bagel friday and there was no bagel slicer so someone put out this enormous knife that I jokingly called “a samurai sword” before slicing off the tip of my left middle finger, subsequently spurting blood, and being ushered by the founder of the company (whaddup lisa!) to the medical clinic accross the street in downtown san francisco to get four stitches to reattach my fingertip. so anyway I’m hoping santa brings me a bagel slicer. does it have to be a williams sonoma one? no, I’m sure a better one exists. I just can’t find it rn and tbh I’m sleepy.

salad slicer β€” speaking of slicers, this one looks legit and it’s only $8. you just put your veggies in the bowl, flip it over, and slice… I’m in. YES I found this on tiktok, GAH! don’t judge me!!

whisk wiper β€” this is another thing I found on tiktok and after accidentally cementing cheese-glue to my immersion blender whisk in a failed and clumsy first attempt to make cacio e pepe, I never want to hand clean a whisk again.

comfort zone skincare β€” my current obsession is comfort zone skincare products, made in parma italy. if you follow me on social or if you’ve read this blog in 2020, you know I’m head over heels in love (stage V clinger) with the hydramemory cream moisturizer (I’ll get to that later in the post). on my wish list (because like alexander hamilton, I will never be satisfied) are some more items from their range: sublime skin cream, remedy toner (just found it for $25 on amazon?!), and the essential face wash. I mean, I’d take every single item from their collection but these are the next three I want to try.

pink yeti water bottle β€” keeping on theme with stuff I absolutely do not need but must have, this stainless steel double-walled reusable water bottle from yeti in (you guessed it) ice pink. I plan to use this on my peloton, santa, I swear it serves a purpose. UPDATE: my girl courtney got this for me!!! without even knowing I made this wish list 😭 UPDATE 2: they launched some gorgeous sagebrush green stuff (this is the color of my cooler!) and it’s splendid. check it out.

timeless vitamin B β€” do I need another serum? absolutely not. my medicine cabinet is literally bursting at the magnetic seams with an excess of product. but do I want a dupe for the skinceuticals B5 serum? u bet ur ass I do.

babyfoot β€” if you haven’t been watching people peel their entire foot off on youtube/tiktok/insta, you’re missing out. yes, it is absolutely foul but I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. I want my feet to moult as well this winter (sorry) so I’m hoping someone gets me babyfoot or a similar foot peel so I too can have baby feet. they’re already the right size!

travels thru french riviera β€” so this has been in my amazon “save for later” cart since the beginning of quarantine (the early quar era) and it just seems like a fun read and nice accent for the home, ya know?

for puppers and dog moms…

on my list for stella: squirrel toy, and snacks from our favorite pet shop, deckers!

thing I love most that I already got for stella: wild one leash and harness kit. am I considering also getting it in beige? 1000%.

Stuff I own, tested, and would highly recommend

this stuff is top notch, you want it, I promise.

sakara cookbook and gift set β€” I am always pimping sakara, you know this, and the only β€˜negative’ response I hear from people is β€œI wish it wasn’t so expensive.” I wish there was a way for you to try one meal or a day of meals (soon!) but until then, I propose two options: the cookbook ($30, $21 with my discount) and the gift of glow ($275, $206 with my discount) β€” both are 25% off if you use my code BF-DOMINIQUE2020 between 11/19 and 11/29, and 15% off with code XODOMINIQUE after that point. the gift of glow β€” particularly with my code β€” is an INSANELY good deal for 9 meals, three teas, daily probiotics, and 30-days of beauty chocolates. you can give yourself or someone else the ability to choose when they want to book their three-day meal delivery. if you’ve been considering sakara, this is the cheapest you’ll ever get it and I strongly recommend this!! and of course, if you’re down to get crafty in the kitchen, the cookbook is an under $25 gift that you can use to introduce yourself to the sakara meals on your own terms.

wellness picks

hoka one one clifton 7 β€” I am obsessssssed with my clifton 7s in misty rose!! if you’re in the market for new sneakers, take my word for it: these are ridiculously comfortable, so light (I know they look heavy β€” they’re not) and have absolutely improved how my entire body feels. I use these when I take stella on long walks around the coast and my joints are SO happy.

moon dweller calendar-journal β€” I had the very distinct honor of editing this gorgeous astrology planner. this will teach you to look at time in a different way that forces you to look back and reflect on your weeks and months, all while learning where the moon is and how you can lean into certain energies to take advantage of astrology for your wellbeing. HIGHLY recommend. you’ll go through each week and know exactly which sign and phase the moon is in and what you should do about it.

thyme candle or diffuser β€” a holiday-themed holiday gift, the frasier fir scent from thyme in either candle or diffuser form is an absolute must. get this for yourself now so your home can smell like fresh cut christmas trees all season long.

five minute journal – I have been using this every day since september 1 of this year β€” trust me when I say it is a game changer. I start my day more intentionally and end my day more gratefully thanks to just a few minutes of jotting things down. buy it. (perfect under $25 gift, btw)

slip pillowcase and eye mask β€” one of my favorite favorite gifts I received in 2020 is the neiman marcus exclusive set with slip, which includes a pillowcase, pink embroidered eye mask, and four scrunchies. my girl hailey introduced me to the scrunchies last year and they have not left my wrist/ponytail since. there are different sets depending on which luxury department store you prefer, with different colors, patterns, and options. silk is awesome for your hair and skin, and it’s a seriously kickass gift if you’re looking to come across as extremely bougie to your loved one.

astrology little books β€” not to out myself but if I know you and you haven’t received one of these from me yet, this is what you’re getting for christmas. if you’re looking for something in the under $15 range, these $11 books are SO CUTE and really thorough and fun. because I am a virgo (CEO of “I’ll do it myself”) I bought myself one.

comfort zone skincare β€” OK so we talked about this above. yes, I still want some things from this collection becaaaauuuuuse I am obsessed with their products, two in particular: the hydramemory cream and the renight mask. I could not recommend these more strongly; either would make a seriously luxe gift for someone you love (or yourself).

coziness at home

charlotte’s web cbd gummies β€” because stress management is the name of the game in 2020. get the full scoop on charlotte’s web here, and get 15% off everything (for yourself and yo friends!) with code DOMINIQUE.

bravaread the full review here, but know that if you get this for someone this year, you win christmas. that’s all I have to say for now. oh wait also it’s on sale rn.

lululemon vest – I have this in pink and I absolutely love it. it’s super lightweight, warm, and the ideal outerwear piece for san diego when it’s “chilly” in the 50s and I’m walking my golden retriever to get an iced oat milk latte. a real mood.

beats powerbeats pro β€”I am obsessed with my beats headphones, and highly highly recommend their products every year. if you don’t want earbuds and want something over the ear/noise canceling, check out the studio pro. such a beautiful headphone and ideal for meditating in a noisy household.

smudge wellness astro spritz β€” my favorite humans at smudge wellness made curated room sprays for all 12 zodiac signs, with crystals selected to fit each one’s energy. how fricken cute is that?! I am obsessed. you will be too. hyperlinking to virgo because I’m self absorbed.

heretic candles β€” listen, I don’t want something in my living room that says “this smells like my vagina” but I heard it actually smells like… really good. so, here we are.

… I feel like that’s a good place to call it a night?

happy holidays to ya! I hope you enjoy taking care of yourself and your loved ones this season. I’ll be back on here shortly with more specifically-curated guides and some christmas goodies to enliven your season.

all my love,


ps if this has typos I’m so sorry, I’ve been staring at a screen for 72 hours. but like, lmk so I can fix it. tysm.

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