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most of you know I’ve been writing about CBD since my very first experience in early 2017 when I worked at an online magazine as a fitness editor. that first experience was using an oil from what has become my favorite brand โ€” the brand I recommend to anyone asking “what CBD product should I get for [insert literally anything here]?” โ€” it’s truly the cream of the crop. I present to you: Charlotte’s Web!

fun bonus for my beauty & the beach readers: use discount code DOMINIQUE for 15% off all CBD products at Charlotte’s Web. hooray, coupon codes!

also a side bar: it’s honestly extremely wild to me that I have become a CBD reporter. I write for a hemp-centric magazine, have covered CBD for the likes of Shape and USA Today / Gannett, and I host a hemp-and-wellness podcast. mind you, I didn’t try cannabis in any form until I was in my mid twenties, which was truly like five minutes ago.

it dawned on me that 1. I haven’t ever done a Charlotte’s Web CBD review and 2. I also haven’t done a good ole fashioned CBD Q&A for y’all, with some of the most common questions I receive from friends, family, and followers. so let’s get into it!

as you know, I am not a doctor or medical professional. don’t sue me, this isn’t medical advice, if you take it as medical advice that’s on you because I gave you this disclaimer. we good, right?**

what is cbd?

liquid gold? mother nature’s xanax? hippie’s disappointment? alas, these laurels are hyperbole, but there are some nuggets (no pun intended) of truth here.

in all seriousness, CBD is cannabidiol: a non-intoxicating compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. these plants have over 100 compounds called cannabioids, and CBD is just one; THC is another you may be familiar with (the one that does get you high). and in case you don’t know, THC is the *only* one that causes an intoxication.

though it’s still being heavily researched (more so now thanks to shifting legislation, yay!), it’s been studied as an anti inflammatory, anxiolytic (anti anxiety ‘supplement’), and anti-epileptic (hence big pharma’s use of CBD in epidiolex). most people use CBD supplements to help support the body’s functions for stress management, sleep, and exercise-induced inflammation.

how does cbd work?

what does CBD do, and how does CBD work โ€” two very good questions that necessitate a quick science class.

your body has a bunch of systems (*flashes back to middle school biology*) โ€” the digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and … the endocannabinoid system. YES seriously! the ECS regulates the other systems in the bod to help you maintain homeostasis; think of it as your body’s (non-corrupt and actually useful) government, regulating everything else and making sure things go smoothly and function properly.

if you’re like, “if this is real, why didn’t I learn this in 8th grade bio,” and to that susan, I would say “because the government” but also the fact that this wasn’t even taught in medical schools or discussed by doctors until the 90s.

so this ECS has receptors (ie, to receive cannabinoids) called CB1 and CB2 that CBD (and other cannabinoids) can bind with to make the magic happen. this is how CBD “works” โ€” once it finds its soulmate receptor, it can go to work and manage parts of your body that are actin’ a fool, so to speak. this is what CBD is “good for” โ€” think: mood and emotions, sleep, recovery … the list of potentials goes on and on.

what’s the best kind of cbd for ____?

there are many, MANY types of CBD now; this market has truly exploded. and one of the most common questions I get (truly every day) is what is the best CBD product for [stress, sleep, hormones, skin, etc etc etc].

this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of question or answer, and the product typically has to be specific to the need/why you’re taking CBD. ie, you wouldn’t use a lotion to help you fall asleep, and you wouldn’t take a sublingual tincture for spot-treating a patch of skin. know what I mean?

when it comes to using CBD as a supplement, some products are marketed or formulated for specific purposes. for instance, CW’s sleep gummies are formulated with melatonin, and the calm gummies are made with L-theanine and lemon balm (two natural ingredients, historically used in homeopathy, that help support relaxation).

for targeted soreness or for skin woes, this is where a CBD topical comes in. you’ll want a balm, salve, cream, or ointment.

for things that are more internal (sleep, stress, and exercise-induced inflammation), this is where you’ll want something ingested, like a CBD oil, capsule/pill, or gummy/edible.

it becomes more nuanced when you break it down further. take insomnia, for instance. do you have trouble falling asleep and need something fast acting? you’ll want a sublingual tincture or oil โ€” this will bypass the digestive tract and therefore give you relief more quickly. do you have trouble staying asleep and struggle with night waking? you may want to opt for a gummy or capsule, which are broken down in the digestive tract, which is inherently a slower process.

how much cbd should you take?

I legit cannot answer this for you. so many people ask me about the right dose of CBD, but this totally and completely depends on your body. as far as I know from the MDs I’ve spoken with, your tolerance/threshold for CBD efficacy isn’t dependent on your size or weight, it’s not dependent on gender or composition… it’s just individual.

the universal advice is ‘low and slow’ โ€” start with a low dose, and build up *slowly* day by day until you find a sweet spot of relief.

how can I learn more about cbd?

great question! obviously I’d encourage you to listen to the podcast I host, The Space by Svn Space. in addition to this, Charlotte’s Web hosts webinars and has their own educational info on their site.

which cbd products should I buy?

alright onto the good stuff, now that we’ve had our CBD 101 debrief! my favorite items on the CW site, IMO the best CBD products you can buy in 2020.

My new nightcap: Sleep Gummies
a combination of melatonin and usa-grown hemp-derived CBD to drift off to sleep? yes please. sleep has been a massive challenge this year with the stress of 2020, so anything that can help support a healthy sleep cycle gets a yes from me. I especially love that this is a natural product, you don’t need a prescription, and it comes from the most trusted brand in the industry.

The classic: CBD Oil
this particular product was what sparked my love affair with the hemp plant; it subsequently changed my life and the direction of my career. while my CBD dose and delivery has changed in the past few years, I consider this a go-to product, and an excellent introduction into all things CBD.

For sore muscles: Balm Stick
okay so THIS ONE is a must-have in my house, and my mom is also obsessed with the Balm Stick; she had some serious elbow pain (I think she said it was tennis elbow? but she doesn’t play tennis? idk) and used this and said her pain disappeared (in legally-approved terms, it helped support her recovery).

The new kid on the block: CBDMedic
there are so many amazing new products on the site right now! This new collection of CBDMedic ointments, sprays, patches, oils, and cleansers is incredible; they’re specifically targeting certain areas of the skin and body so you can hone in on a certain zone. my current fav is the one for back and neck pain, as my QL has been giving me trouble and it’s been a whole mess.

that’s all for now!

I hope this answered your questions and gave you a good jumping off point for learning about CBD and figuring out which CBD products to try first! again: use the coupon code DOMINIQUE for a 15% discount off your purchase :) and feel free to leave more questions in the comments!


Actual disclaimers:

  1. don’t sue me, pls I beg of u
  2. Charlotte’s Web products are dietary supplements, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  3. the FDA is โœจ sensitive โœจ

2 thoughts on “your CBD questions, answered ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿงช

  1. Omega Ann says:

    I have used CBD oil and it has been an amazing how it sort of brought a distinct difference to my life. But it has not worked that well for my friends. So, there is something about how each individual reacts to it. I would also recommend caution when trying it out for the first time. Go slow.

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