the power of manifestation 🙏🏼

ok so I just finished you are a badass from my summer self-care reading challenge, and I have lots of feelings about it. but both that book and girl, wash your face honed in on the power of manifestation and vision boards. as you are a badass’s author jen sincero puts it, “it’s like having a craft day with God.”

for some of you, it sounds like hippie dippy bs — I get it. for the rest of you, you’re placing your faith in the potential miracle of it all, or you’ve experienced it yourself. I just want to share a little snippet of how it’s been working in my life.

a year ago, I started piecing little bits of a vision board together. I knew I wanted a dog. for well over a year, I described my “dream day” to people around me, and each day began with a slow morning, a coffee or tea, and walking my golden retriever on the beach in the cool early morning air. I wanted the board to have visual representations of that.

I believe to manifest something, you’ve gotta write it, say it, and visualize it. I really, really believe in the trifecta for this. repeat it often for good measure. pray about it. look at your vision board. stay focused on it. tell everyone you know what your dreams and goals are.

back to that vision board — it wasn’t complete, but around january I added this picture:

I found this on pinterest, but a little reverse search showed it’s from @lifeoffinn

to be honest, I hadn’t thought about this photo for a while. months passed, and I finally took agency over what I wanted and brought home the dreamiest baby golden retriever and my new furry bff. she’s 15 weeks old now and 30 pounds of love and fluff and extra skin. I took her to the beach this morning — a cool misty morning before the afternoon scorching heat set in — coffee in hand, nothing major on the agenda, no stress. I snapped a picture of her looking cute by the shoreline just before she pranced in the water.

un. real. RIGHT? I know they’re different photos and different color dogs, but to me the resemblance is uncanny. I pulled up this photo from my vision board folder and looked at them obsessively because I couldn’t believe just how down-to-the-smile similar these images were. I can’t believe how I wanted something and literally made it happen out of thin air with the power of manifestation.

maybe it’s less ‘freaky deaky’ for you because you’re not as attached to the images or they don’t look similar at all to you — the point is, I’M FREAKING OUT because I brought a dream to life for myself.

what are some things you want for your own life? how are you going to make them happen? have you ever made a vision board? if you don’t know where to start, I’d highly, HIGHLY recommend pinterest and tumblr. write some things down in your journal. say things out loud. talk to your confidants. talk to strangers. make it real. visualize it.

go make your dreams come true.


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