happy new year ๐Ÿฅ‚

2019. it’s going to be electric, I already feel it!

I might just be saying that because 19 is my lucky number. after all, my birthday is 9.19.199# (lol I can’t give away my age amirite) so I feel like cosmically, numerologically, spiritually, coincidentally, etc I’m destined to have a good year. #crystals!

but enough about me. well, I guess a little more about me because, this is my blog, you know? and I want to update you on so many things.

more content is coming!

for one, my plan with beauty & the beach for 2019: I pledge to you and resolve resolutely to the year 2019 (yes that means it’s my resolution) that I will share fresh new content with you at least once a week. that’s right: wellness tips, travel guides, dog mom hacks, cbd intel, reading challenges, fitness info, shopping collages, curated collections of brands and products I love, life advice, and the very traditional ร  la 2008 style of blogging. like… web logging. as in, this will be a bit of a diary. going back to basics!

this space, and writing here, has been something that’s really brought me joy and a creative outlet where I can truly be myself, unfiltered. there were a lot of things that got in the way in the past few years; primarily, my last job presented a lot of barriers when it came to the content I was sharing here, and tbh I was mentally exhausted from the amount of work I was doing and the general amount of stress. once I took a break from work (long story, stay tuned! lol) (spoiler, it’s a book) (sorry for the parentheticals) I needed to fully turn off, and being on my computer sharing content was not part of that program. then you know… getting a dog, the holidays… ANYWAY

expect to see more in the coming year. it’s gonna be a good time.

it’s gon’ get personal

secondly, 2018 was a supremely transformative year for me, if you couldn’t tell. and I’m honestly happier than I’ve been potentially in my whole life. because of that, I want to share a lot of what I’ve gone through to get to this point (the less fun stuff).

the idea is that if you stumble upon an article here and you’re in a not-so-great place, you can find something you identify with.. something that makes you think (or yell at your screen) “OH MY GOD THAT’S ME!” I’ve 1000% been there and I know that feeling. I know how validating it can be to know I’m not the only one who has gone through something just like _____. that validation helped me trust myself more and train that self-trust muscle and make some powerful decisions.

as one of my favorite authors has put it, going through the tough stuff means you’ve been forged in a fire. there have been some really trying times for me in the past 3-4 years and this year I’ll dig into it in a way that is helpful for all of you (and shows you a light at the end of the tunnel).

tell me what you want, what you really really want

and finally (for today), instagram tells me that you want more disney, more cbd, and more healthy meal plan tips. oh, and more puppy of course. does that cover it? do you want me to write about something specific?

in the past 3 years I’ve written over 4,500 stories encompassing health and wellness, fitness and exercise, cbd, travel, beauty, and more. I’ve interviewed countless doctors, psychiatrists and therapists, dietitians and nutritionists, trainers and coaches, and experts of every variety.

as my new astrologer/spiritual advisor friend told me, I wrote “the equivalent of a PhD.” so… ask me anything. send me a dm, leave a comment, write me a note in the contact form. what do you want to learn more about this year? what do you want the scoop on? I’ll give you the 411 on anything I’ve tried or researched.

you’ve got my information.


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