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This past month I decided I needed a “grown ass woman” purse, and wanted to augment my collection of Mini MACs by introducing what I’d consider a “real handbag” into my repertoire.

I went to Nordstrom during the Anniversary Sale and fell in love with the Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel silhouette. They had one in black, and it really caught my eye: it was sophisticated (but not stuffy), with just the right amount of edge (I really love that about Rebecca).

However, I was looking for a lighter color, since most of my wardrobe calls for paler neutral tones. In a twist of fate via googling, I stumbled upon Tradesy, where I was able to acquire the gem that is my “pearl grey” Amorous Satchel… For about 1/3 of the price!

Not only was the bag in darn-near immaculate condition, but it’s MASSIVE compared to what I’m used to. It has way more storage capacity, but it’s in a sizing sweet-spot that doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame.

I had a moment… THERE’S SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. And by “activities” I obviously mean, “stuff I want to carry with me, yet previously have been unable to.”

I’m including a preview of some of the things I can now port around town. Check it out…

1. Headphones. I like to use these buddies on the train, in the office, when I work out, and when I try to avoid talking to strangers.

2. In-N-Out receipts. You’ll find at least a half dozen of these in my bag at any given time. I have a penchant for eating cheeseburgers and I’m not afraid to talk about it. 🍔

3. Clinique SPF 50 Face Cream. because skin cancer on my face sounds like a pretty terrible time.

4. Arnica Montana Tablets. This is a natural remedy for muscle soreness. I keep ’em in my bag to combat aches & pains the day after a hard workout (two days if it was barre).

5. Garnier Eye Roller. I get pretty gnarly dark circles. This sweet little roller stick helps alleviate puffiness and brighten the under eye area. Gotta stay fresh faced, you know? 💁🏻

6. agenda. I actually have to write everything down and I never rely on my phone calendar. Weird, right? I think I learned in my behavioral neuroscience class that you commit things to memory more effectively when you write something down… but I wrote those notes on a laptop, so who knows. It’s working for me, so I don’t question it.

7. Arbonne Fizz Sticks. An all-natural energy supplement/coffee replacement that doesn’t make me jittery, and doesn’t have a crash effect. Yes. Easy to throw in the purse and add to water anywhere… pretty convenient pick-me-up on the go.

8. Kate Spade Stacy Wallet. I got mine at the Kate Spade outlet in Carlsbad because I’m cheap a bargain hunter.

9. Agate Journal. This beauty is from Urban Outfitters and my darling friend got it for me as a gift. You can see it on her blog here, too. Did I mention it has rose gold trim on the pages?

10. Chanel Rouge Allure – 99 Pirate. To me, this is the Ferrari of lipsticks. Not only is it the most perfect and beautiful and ultimate shade of red, but the packaging is STUNNING and the name of the color is PIRATE. With my favorite number. I died when I first saw it, debated buying for about a year (because of the price), but let me tell you, I’m so glad I caved. I will have this lipstick for years, and my search for ‘the perfect red’ has concluded ever so successfully. It’s so hard to find a good red lipstick, and let’s be honest, you’ll probably spend more money on sushi at least once in the next year. This lipstick is #worthit. 💄

11. bareMinerals Pop of Passion. This lip oil is a combination of a balm and a stain… so it’s pretty rad. Mine is in Pink Passion – a good medium pink, which adds a little extra oomph to a boring or basic outfit. Hence its presence in my purse.

12. MAC Creme Cup. The third lipstick option in my bag is a light, neutral pink. I’ve been a fan of this lipstick for a long time, and it goes with pretty much everything. It’s like a step up from wearing chapstick, but more chic.

13. Yes to Coconuts Lip Balm. My favorite. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m still obsessed. Get it at Target. You can’t NOT have chapstick in your purse.

14. Hand Sanitizer. Because germs. Germs everywhere. Help. Also fun fact, it can double as deodorant in a pinch. Don’t ask me how I know that. 👀

15. AmEx. This thing…. I could start a fan club for my American Express, but that’d be a bit irrational, no? I’m kind of hoping they ask me to be a spokesperson because I tell EVERYONE about how much I love my American Express. You can see a bit more about it here.

16. Disneyland Pass. I’ve got an annual pass and I’m not embarrassed. I love Dole Whip and churros and Star Tours and Pirates of the Caribbean.

17. Mophie. Because my phone dies constantly, and I always need backup.

18. Sunnies. Always. No explanation needed.

Hope this inspires you to find the new purse of your dreams (on a budget), or maybe throw a few new things into the purse you own.


PS… this one’s on sale right now!

PPS… have you guys heard the new CHVRCHES song? It’s THE JAM.

all photos © Arielle Vey photography

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