pausing workout

As we’re gearing up for #werunsf, we’ve been having a lot of fun training together. One of the coolest parts about these Nike events is that it creates a community – physical and digital – of women all over the world who are working toward the same goal. 

If you look at the #werunsf hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see that community in action. We’re all training together for the big day in October, and it’s pretty motivating to see how everyone else is working so hard.

Arielle and I have been training, but also breaking for various things; we took a breather at the end (and halfway point) of a 4-miler the other day, and appreciated our camaraderie in the incredibly sweaty journey we’ve embarked on together. And then stopped for açaí. And bacon.

One of my favorite jokes to make on Instagram has been #pausingworkout; if you use the Nike+ Running app, you know the phrase well. Anytime you stop running, you’ll hear the voice say “pausing workout.” Whether you’re stopping to tie your shoe, to snap a picture, or because you can’t breathe and you feel like you’re going to puke, most people take breaks during their workout. I have been #pausingworkout for in-n-out and snapchat lately, which is probably frowned upon in the athletic community, but hey – I’m having a great time.

These little breaks are reminders that your fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint (pun not necessarily intended). From a personal standpoint, they help us enjoy the journey a little more, not take ourselves – or life, or our workout – too seriously, and stay motivated to keep working day after day.

snapchatting and running is a real skill ok

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My favorite parts of #werunsf 2015 training (so far):

  • The beautiful scenery (we run on or near the beach 90% of the time)
  • Running as fast as possible to get funny snapchats
  • Having a friend to keep your pace in check and keep you motivated
  • Ability to eat lots of cheeseburgers/snacks after
  • New shoes

Are you training for a race? Or just working out with friends? There’s something special about social exercising, and I’ve found it to be pretty powerful. I hope this inspires you to get out there and try it!

Cheers to bettering ourselves, and having fun along the way.


ps. Nike has some great playlists on Spotify for your run, and I’ve made a fun one of my own as well… check it out here. A little bit of last year’s training list, with a bunch of updates.

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