beauty & the beach 2019 holiday gift guide 🎄✨

oh he-llooooo! remember when I was like “I’m gonna blog once a week!” lol. welcome back to the most important post of the year, my personal gift wish list holiday gift guide. as per usual, this guide is geared toward anyone with my exact same personality, tastes, and preferences. there are a few carryovers from last year, because don’t fix what ain’t broke amirite. and also I still want them.

unintentionally, I think the theme this year is “millennial stereotype who is obsessed with paris.” this most likely surprises you 0%. please enjoy.

ps I just realized that 90% of the items on this list are under $100! hell yah ur welcome!!! (and by ur welcome I mean ur welcome mom and dad!)

Candles & Home Fragrance

  • Diptyque Gift Set ($78): on my personal wish list is literally anything from Diptyque, the parisienne parfumerie (did you remember I like French things?) that makes very, very expensive candles that smell very, very good. This set from Nordstrom is a super luxe gift, and everyone loves candles. EVERYONE.
  • Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede ($67): I received this candle as a bridesmaid gift this year and it smells like God’s own spa in heaven. I want to bathe in it. You can get a smaller size for $36! To be honest I’m not quite sure what “travel candle” means but I’m dying to find out.
  • Thyme Frasier Fir Diffuser ($50): this is the purest, most high-inducing scent of Christmas. Olivia and I found it at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach, and I got the room spray. I swear to G, I could huff this stuff. idk what’s in it, but it is like crisp clean woodsy pine scent and it makes me want to be a better person.

Reformation ($$$): OK so this is less of an item and more of a category… I have a hard time even going on the Ref site because I get stuck on it for hours just bookmarking things I want to buy. I got my first few pieces this year and have worn them SO. Many. Times. The compliments are infinite. One of the top pieces on my wishlist is the Nikita dress (pictured above), which I rented via RTR for my bday and loved deeply. Need 2 buy. PS EVERYTHING ON REFORMATION IS 30% OFF FOR BLACK FRIDAY.

Matisse Print ($53 for 16×20): Homegirl’s tryna get some art up in this place. This is nicer than a Live Laugh Love poster, yah? I recently moved to a new house in San Diego and got frames for 16×20 prints, but haven’t decided on what I want to go with the one Matisse poster above (I know I want that one for sure, but haven’t bought it because I want to get a set of two). Someone help. Pls. Also, French!

Longchamp Passport Case ($70): So I would be super down for many different passport cases (wuddup LV), but this was so beautiful and at an under $100 price point. Longchamp is such a storied brand (and also French, shocking!) so I anticipate this will be a durable piece. Idk though, because it’s merely on my wishlist and I don’t have it. Don’t @ me! But yeah I actually really need a new passport case because mine ripped in Italy. was not tight.

Skincare, Bath & Body

  • Kate Somerville +Retinol Vitamin C Cream ($90): A makeup artist in New York said “you’re too young to be using retinol,” and it honestly made my entire decade. I’ve been waiting for a sample of the KS retinol to review it for some of the online magazines I write for, and the anticipation is EATING AT ME.
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Kit ($65): The reason I’m so excited about the retinol cream is because of how much I love my other Kate Somerville products. The ExfoliKate set (cleanser, moisturizer, and scrub/peel) is my default set that I’ve been using for years. The peel literally resurfaces your face and it’s honestly magical.
  • Drunk Elephant Precious Cargo ($88): Babyfacial and friends! I actually bought the TLC Babyfacial earlier this year; it made me feel like my face was burning off the first time I used it, but since then it’s become one of my favorite skincare products. The facial itself is $80, so you get that + a bunch of other goodies for another $8. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a *savings* per se but it’s a really great gift set and would make someone v happy.
  • Drunk Elephant Shelf Control ($98): Framboos and friends! This is on my wish list; it comes with a full size Framboos glycolic acid ($90 on its own) and four minis, including the cleanser which is fab. I’m really just in it for dat glycolic acid.
  • Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil ($65, 25% off for Black Friday): This was one of my treasures from this past spring’s trip to the UK (in addition to loving Paris, I also love London. wow surprising!). I didn’t really know what “exquisite bathing oil” meant or what it was for, and tbh I still don’t, but it smells incredible and I just pour it in my bath or on my skin and rub it in. It makes me feel rich.

Yeti Tumbler ($30): Do I need another cup for my coffee? No, absolutely not. Do I want this sand colored one? More than anything in the world, Ron! I use my aqua Yeti cup every day for my no ice iced coffee, and it keeps it supa crisp. Highly recommend. Gr8 unisex (is that still a word?) gift!

Château Minuty Rosé et Or ($30++): yo so this is my favorite wine and v hard to find here apparently. I bought it for 20 euros in Nice a couple years ago, and only just recently found it for under $40 at a wine shop in LA. If you can find it, this ish is GOOD. Gift it to yourself. Like six times over. I guess you could gift it to someone else. I’m like not a sommelier and I just graduated from “it tastes like wine” status, but I would say this is fresh and citrusy, clean, and doesn’t have a bite (so, smooth, I guess?). Anyway taste it to find out.

Books: I read so, SO much more this year than I did last year and it feels amazing. I should probably write a separate post about my favorites from this year. Here’s an array of books that’d make great gifts for different people.

  • Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein: Manifesting! This book is like The Secret‘s user manual. Tips and tricks for calling in great things for your life — great for someone looking to land a new job, find a place to live, get a dog, start dating, get married, travel, win the lottery, IPO, discover a fossil. Help your friend (or yourself) tackle new fun things in 2020 with this v positive book.
  • The Nightingale, Kristin Hannah: TBH this might be the best novel I’ve ever read. Straight up sobbed on an airplane in the last chapter. My middle seat neighbor was concerned. It’s about two sisters in France during WWII, and it’s exceptionally written. You’ll be hooked by page two.
  • Band of Shadows, HP Waitt: For anyone who loves Harry Potter, Divergent, X-Men, LOTR, and YA fantasy of all kinds, you’ll love Band of Shadows (written by one of my best friends). It’s a magic-infused adventure following 17-year-old Scarlet who discovers her SUPA POWAAAS.
  • Into the Magic Shop, James Doty, MD: This is another life-changing book, written by a neurosurgeon. It reads like a memoir-slash-movie, shares information that you can directly apply to your life, and moves you to tears. This is an exceptional read, particularly for anyone hoping to focus on their mental and emotional health in the coming year. There’s so much heart to this story, you have to read it.

One Two Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes ($69): I am 100% not paid by this company but I am basically a magnetic lash evangelist. This is a cornerstone of my beauty routine; I don’t get my lashes done, I don’t use glue-on falsies, I just pop these lil magnet babies on and BAM, I’m beautiful. I think it improves my level of prettiness by like at least 44%. Each box of two sets lasts me about 1 to 2 years, if my dog doesn’t eat them. This is a thing. This is my life.

Ladurée Sucré Cookbook ($30): My mom picked this up in Paris earlier this year (did you guys know we went to Paris?!?! OMG!). It’s got like 100 recipes of the sweet treats; gift this to anyone who loves baking and sweets, or who loves Paris and patisseries, or someone who loves Ladurée macarons… or all of the above. Treats abound!

Ugg Scuffette Slipper ($85): I wear these more than I’d like to admit. You may recall, they were on my wish list/gift guide last year and my mom brother was nice enough to read by blog and give them to me for Christmas (thanks Mike!). I am a big fan of gifting slippers (particularly Ugg slippers) because they’re so cozy, convenient and practical, and they add an extra touch of happiness around the house. Every time that person’s toes are cozy in a soft layer of fleeciness, they’ll think of you. Now that I’ve romanticized indoor-only footwear, let’s move on.

David’s Tea Alpine Punch ($9+): That picture on the collage that looks like a pile of dirt is actually loose leaf tea! Yum! It’s Alpine Punch, in fact, which is a wintry, almondy delight from my fav tea brand David’s. It’s festive without being *too* holiday, so it’ll last you through the rest of the winter months, sans candy cane flavors. It’s also a rooibos, which is caffeine free and also delicious. I bought this in bulk last year, despite receiving a mass amount of tea for free. I’m fine.

Anthropologie Gilded Rim Coupés ($28 each): If I ever have a registry or become a grown up, this will be my nice stemware. I’ve had them on my pinterest for like, six years or more. They’re just so lovely. If you’ve got the cash to gift someone a set of six, that’d be a showstopping gift. Highly recommend if you want someone to feel indebted to you for roughly five to seven years. Hot tip: every other item in the collection is on sale (of course).

Puffer Jackets: All the cool girls (in New York) are doing it?

  • Moncler ($1,760): Ok I’m not delusional and I know no one is going to buy this for me but HOLY SHNIKEYS how beautiful is this jacket?! I had to include it in the collage (it’s the long pink one) bc she’s a beaut. (Not down with the mink fur but it’s fine bc I’ll never own it)
  • North Face ($250): When I was in New York last week I saw so many cool Manhattan girls wearing big thick, puffy, color blocked North Face jackets with loose straight leg jeans and athletic sneakers. It was a mood. Total dad at Mall of America in 1995 vibes. Now I want one too.
  • Old Navy ($30, originally $60): Saw this IRL and was shocked at how lovely it was and how low the price was. LOVE the dusted chocolate color. So dreamy. I have no idea if it is actually warm but I plan to find out.

Golden Retriever Dad Hat ($19): KEEP THE VIBE ALIVE. I’ve wanted one of these for 18+ months and have yet to buy one for myself. So here we are. How will people know how obsessed I am with Stella if I don’t have this hat?!?!? Sometimes I’m like wow I have really good taste and cool style and other times I tell people I want an embroidered golden retriever hat.

Camera Bags: Because I feel like my basket bags don’t work in the winter. Tis a shame. A small crossbody with a square silhouette is on my list now. Ideally in a warm, neutral blush-beige color range.

  • This Louis Vuitton stole my heart and my sanity while I visited the Paris store (goes to Louis Vuitton *once*) (talks about it for two years). There was one left at the time. It was only 700 euros (ONLY lol). The saleswoman read me like a book and almost had me. My financial guilt/fears kicked in and I left without it. It’s gone now. I miss it. I still think about it. I can’t sleep at night. ok bye.
  • AllSaints Camera Bag ($132, originally $200): Since I can’t get the LV, i’m thinking this one from AllSaints is pretty spectacular… and it’s on sale! Hurry mom and dad!! MAKE HASTE! It’s like the Gucci Disco bag but less designer-logo-centric. I still love the Gucci but it’s ‘spensive.
  • Ted Baker Giant Knot Camera Bag ($99, originally $200): Ok this is stupid cute and also like half off? I hope it’s not gone by the time you read this woooo!

Everything Sézane Has Ever Made: Yo this is also not quite a wish list item because I want every single thing on the site/in the store. I fell in love with Sézane when I was in Paris (sensing a theme???) and just visited the New York store. The pieces I own are some of my favorite things in my closet/ever, and I wear them ALL THE TIME. The quality is incredible, and you really do get what you pay for. I would HIGHLY recommend their sweaters. The one pictured (the Constance Jumper in almond green) is on my wish list but will likely be sold out by the time I publish this. I might have to call the store. We all should. Their sh*t sells out within moments of going up, so if you see something you like, BUY IT. Do not hesitate. I’m not exaggerating. But yah so anyway, great gifts can be found here. Go get them sweaters. I WANT THIS ONE SO BAD!

Saint Barts Tee ($49): Another betchy trip I went on this year was to St. Barth (it’s OK, I hate me too), and as it’s a francophone island in the Caribbean, I was obsessed before I even got there. I want this super DUPER betchy tee to commemorate the trip and remind people how COOL and CULTURED and TRAVELED I AM. It’s cute af tho! #catchflightsnotfeelings amirite ladies???? Ok.

APL Bliss in Mauve ($200): I think I’ve had APLs on my gift guides for the past 3 years — this tracks for me. I actually still haven’t tried the Bliss and I’m v curious. Like coffee cups, the last thing I need is more sneakers, but Christmas isn’t about need, it’s about dreams. OK?!

Avène Lip Balm ($14): I know what you’re thinking. “Dominique, you f*king psycho, what the f*k are you doing with a FOURTEEN dollar lip balm, you do realize that you can get like 27 Chapstick brand lip balms for like a dollar right?” Dude I know. Please don’t be offended, I’m not bamboozling you. The sad part is that yes, this is $14 here (it’s like 3 euros in France) but it’s literally the BEST lip balm of all time. I would not steer you wrong, you have to trust me. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. So good that I put it on a holiday gift guide.

Some More That Didn’t Fit in the Collage:

That’s a lot to take in, I know. I could do gift guides all day. I might do some more, who knows. I should probably stop now.

Happy shopping! I hope you find something you love for yourself and a great gift for someone you love! And go get those deals, girlfriend! like comment subscribe swipe up for details


PS: Some extra gift shopping advice, if you’re in San Diego — ask for Danielle Gilbert at Fashion Valley Nordstrom. She’s an incredible personal shopper and her service is literally free. I did not know this about personal shoppers. She will pull an entire room of gifts for you based on your list/requests/budget (from BP to Balenciaga) and make everything SO easy, and it is always such a fun experience.

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