travel well: cbd + destressing must haves on a ✈️

two of my fav topics… cbd and travel!

despite having tsa precheck, I’ve been pulled out of the screening line for a few things … once was moon juice protein powder I was bringing back from LA (not an enormous jar of cocaine in a gym bag, nice try tsa), once was “yoga bath salts” I brought to a race weekend to have a nice relaxing bath (apparently it looks like bomb material?? super cool), and once was dry shampoo (the tsa was extremely confused about how shampoo could be dry). not once have I encountered an issue with cbd, though!

can you travel with cbd oil on a plane? current legislation and tsa rules are about as clear to understand as a jet propulsion systems class given in mandarin (assuming you’re neither an engineer nor fluent in chinese), so I’ll impart a bit of my own experience and wisdom. because that’s what you’re really here for, right? (side bar: forbes reported that it is, in fact, a-okay to bring it on board)

I’ve been on over 50 flights in the past 2 years, and 99% of the time I have cbd oil with me. it has not once been checked or pulled, nor presented a problem. as it shouldn’t! cbd is legal in all 50 states, and it’s a plant-based medicine used to treat anxiety, pain, and inflammation (among other diseases and illnesses). obviously this is yet to be 100 percent validated by clinical trials, but those who have used it and found it to be effective know just how powerful it can be.

so what do I do with my cbd? I put it in with the rest of my toiletries or in-flight essentials. if you’re nervous about it, I would recommend putting it with your liquids and bathroom items in a checked bag. keep in mind (for your peace of mind): this not something that a drug dog is going to sniff out, and it’s not something tsa is going to search your bag for (I mean, like, please don’t sue me if something goes awry, I’m just speaking from experience. again. I’m not a lawyer or a doctor, so if you’re taking advice from a health and wellness writer then go at your own risk you know).

I do have tsa precheck, which potentially helps this process, but even before that point I have carried my little dropper of cbd oil or cbd capsules in my carry-on pack of “relaxation essentials.” it’s right in there with my face spray, lip mask, essential oils, tea, etc.

so what else do I have in my anti-stress in-flight chill pack?

  • CBD tinctures and capsules, obviously. I have tons that I love (literally dozens) — lately I’ve been using buzzn’s orange bliss oil. tinctures and oils work more quickly than capsules if I need a more immediate “chill.” capsules are better for the longhaul flights where you’ll get the slow, sustained release (yet even still, I prefer sublingual).
  • saje essential oils kit. the pocket farmacy has a headache reliever and a stress release oil … great for some on the fly aromatherapy. the nasal inhaler is also great for keeping those fragrances to yourself and not irritating fellow passengers with allergies.
  • laneige lip mask. I cannot get enough of this stuff, it’s pure magic. I bring it everywhere. a little TLC and masking (without having to wear a full blown face mask) helps me chill out.
  • rose quartz roller. I relax my tmj-inclined jaw and give myself a facial massage with this bad boy. this one’s a lil cheaper.
  • david’s tea. another must that I always travel with is tea. I love taking little packs of fun flavored tea to make myself a much healthier drink than a soda or canned juice. the kit I linked to has the best-selling flavors (I love all of them) but you can find literally hundreds of varieties (including stress-relief ones — STRONGLY recommend those). I pre-pack little sachets if I’m working with loose leaf. hot tea, for whatever reason, is deeply destressing for me and helps relieve my anxiety a bit. hopefully it does the same for you!
  • mrs meyers hand sanitizer spray. this is hands down my FAVORITE sanitizer, because it smells lovely (calming lavender, woo!) and it’s nondrying. knowing I’m beating the nasty ass pathogens on the avion, metal-encased influenza incubator known as an airplane gives me a deep sense of peace.
  • headphones and calm app for meditation. I use my beatsX wireless headphones because I 10000% would lose airpods. you know how old ladies wear eyeglass chains around their specs so they don’t lose their glasses? that’s me with my wireless headphones. also I feel like I should be an ambassador for calm rn bc I’ve been pimping their app so hard for no reason other than the fact that I love it.
  • mario badescu face mist. if you’re not going to fully moisturize, this rose water spray is the perfect refresher for dry, tight skin. the rose scent is really uplifting and soothing.
  • non-phone activities. yeah, yeah I love the plane wifi and obv can’t live without it but I like turning at least (at least) a portion of my flight into an unplugged retreat. I bring a paperback or hardcover book, sometimes a magazine, and a journal to give myself some screen-free time. being unplugged always helps me chill.

so there you have it — traveling with CBD + some anti-stress go tos for a very relaxing and pleasant flight. and remember, I’m not a legal authority, but I’ve brought my CBD with me to several countries and states and have had zero issues whatsoever. just my two cents :)


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