Create + Cultivate LA: Recap!

So this is way overdue, but I’ve had such a whirlwind week with zero time to sit and piece through the insanity that was my 12 hour day at Create Cultivate last Saturday. I’ll give it my best shot now!

First of all, the biggest feeling I walked away with was inspiration… I was SO inspired. I know that probably sounds sappy and ambiguous (and you’re thinking, DUH), but honestly, being around so many successful women (and a few men) who found something they were passionate about and just WENT for it, and now made it their full time job? And they’re happy? That in itself was enough to get me pumped up. Then you have Julianne Hough saying “you can create whatever life you want,” and The Fat Jew saying “there are people who will be into your weirdness in 2015,” … and I really did leave with a fresh new energy. It’s not often you get a pep talk from Julianne Hough and The Fat Jew in the same 15 minutes.

I’m a really weird, really creative person. Now that I have this additional affirmation that the world is ready for my weirdness and creativity, I’m ready to take on some pretty lofty, ambitious projects.

A few more highlights:

The beautiful ambiance and decor (soooo Palm Springs chic)

IMG_0427 IMG_0435 IMG_0535

Meeting The Fat Jew (Josh)


Chatting with Julia Engel/fangirling telling her how much I love her (and hearing about how she turned her passion into a business)


Getting my makeup done by my new favorite person, Tasha, at bare minerals


Ice Cream from McConnell’s (sea salt cream cookie R U SRS)


Photo booth with friends

bb_cc03 bb_cc04 bb_cc09


I’m a sucker for details, and this event was really detail oriented. Even the boxed lunches used cute strips of patterned pink and gold tape, and had little quinoa salads with the sandwiches. There were charging stations for phones and backdrops that were begging to be instagrammed (these people really know their audience). So all of that in mind, I now have a few ideas up my sleeve for some upcoming events… :)


All in all, it was such an amazing day, and I’m so grateful for the experience. AND I have a ton of new bare minerals products to try out (and share with everyone).

Happy weekend!


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