Simple Stripes, Strappy Sandals

Happy Wednesday! In case you can’t tell from the title of this post, I love alliterations. Anyway…

Today’s look is nothing super extraordinary, until you get to the shoes. Let’s talk for a second about heels.

Heels are an obvious height booster (at 5’2″ this is huge for me), but they’re also an insane confidence booster. A killer pair of heels can do wonders for the normal t-shirt-and-jeans combo (killer in both terms of appearance/aesthetic, and comfort level/lack thereof) .

Let’s take this outfit, that I normally would pair with my go-to white chucks or a pair of sandals, and then BAM: enter stiletto sandals. I walk in to Starbucks feeling fabulous like “yes hold that door for me I’m super important and fashionable and I’m about to order a fabulous beverage oh you didn’t know Starbucks had champagne ha ha that’s cute.” I go through the rest of my day feeling important and powerful. Shoes have that kind of psychological power over women. We think it’s men, but this whole time, it has really just been shoes.

I scored these at Nordstrom on sale (!!) – they’re the Steve Madden Stecy sandal and they come in a bazillion colors (you may have spotted them on my Spring Wish List). I’m so excited for spring and all things warm weather, including but not limited to: sandals, pedicures, and not worrying about whether or not I have a jacket in my car. These particular sandals go with jeans, dresses, etc, keeping in line with one of my favorite style mantras: versatility.



I’m completing today’s vibe with the following:

Shoe of the day: Steve Madden Stecy
Drink of the day: Starbucks Teavana Pineapple Kona Pop, Iced/Unsweetened
(it’s refreshing and summery and perfect and I’m pretty sure Iced Tea has like negative 11 calories)
Song of the day: Cheerleader – Omi (Felix Jean Remix)

I’ll be posting more this week, I promise. I have so much to sort through from this weekend at Create + Cultivate LA… including my selifie with The Fat Jew :-P


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