I’m definitely hurting today. Apparently I didn’t train nearly enough, and I was wildly unprepared for yesterday’s run. I’m hurting in places that have never hurt before, so I’m most likely spending today in an ice bath with a water bottle full of Anabolic State (don’t mind the link from… I got mine at a fitness store and it tastes like pineapple gatorade).

The beautiful coastal scenery and salty sea air were helpful… but that can only do so much for you. After a while, my feet just killed. I don’t know why,  because I didn’t experience that during my first half in October. It’s gonna sound so cheesy, but I couldn’t have done everything yesterday without my better half by my side. I was honestly about to fall over and die around mile 10, but he kept his hand on my back, pushing me and encouraging me until the finish line – big smile on his face the whole time. So despite the pain and exhaustion, yesterday’s memory is a very fond one. It was really cool to experience that together.

We had a couple pit stops that really boosted my spirits; my dad cheering us on at the halfway point, and then Dave’s brother Jeff, sister-in-law Laura (my friend in all the pictures from the SF half), and nephew Ethan made the CUTEST sign for us, I almost cried when I saw them just before mile 12. I was so happy that they all sent photos at the end so we had something to look back on.

Do two half marathons equal a full one? If so, I totally just ran a marathon… it just took me three months to finish.


waving at my dad at mile 6.5!



I was just a little bit excited…


Top: Nike (on sale here) | Tights: Nike | Shoes: Nike
Belt: Nike | Hair Tie: Etsy | Tunes: Spotify

These are some of the most comfortable clothes I own. Absolutely no chafing or discomfort for the entire 13.1 miles. I wish I had the tee in a thousand more colors, and the belt is the only thing I’ve been able to wear that’ll hold my ginormous iPhone 6 and not bounce around. Another tip – if you have small feet like me, try those shoes in the kid’s size. Mine are a kid’s 4 which is like an adult 6. Same exact color.

Yesterday I said that I’d never run again, but I totally lied. See you all at the Carlsbad 5000?



P.S. feel free to post any questions in the comments below! x

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