home + kitchen gift guide 🧺🎁

so I said that I love writing gift guides and wanted to make some more… here we are homies!

first category on deck: home goods and kitchen gadgets (and some foodie things).

Le Creuset Crock ($60): I bought this for myself as a housewarming gift when I moved into my new little seaside maisonette (I hate that I just said those words but oh well). I love all things Le Creuset, and particularly this meringue color. The crock comes with some great silicone spatulas and a brush, but you can go for just the crock option if you (or your gift recipient) are set on tools.

Jonathan Adler Coasters ($51 on sale from $68): These are a major wish-list item for me; I LOVE these art deco, whimsical coasters! Jonathan Adler is such a fun home design brand, but can be a little pricey at times. The coasters are a little piece of luxury you can gift under $100 (right now they’re 25% off at Neiman Marcus!)

Coffee Table Book (varies): A beautiful coffee table book makes an awesome hostess gift, or gift for someone who’s moving into a new place. Taschen can be pricey (like this one, pictured, with gorgeous photos of Italy), but you can find something for practically anyone. Whether the person you love loves cats, art, travel, music, architecture, or comics, you can pick something that speaks to their soul to decorate their home.

Wusthof Knife Set ($250): on the $200+ side of things, a set of knives is an awesome home gift. Wusthof is a super trusted, reputable brand (the internet and my mom told me so), and this set is made with high carbon stainless steel. Mom? Dad? R u there? Hi, I’ve been using butter knives to cut things. I’m an adult.

Goop x Greenpan Pans ($100): I don’t want to fall for pinkwashing at goop but I 100% fell for pinkwashing at goop and I super want these nontoxic supergorgeous nonstick pans. Maybe the person you buy these for will fry you up something delicious.

Saint Frank Little Brother Espresso ($19): I have missed my favorite coffee spot in San Francisco so much. Saint Frank made the most delicious breve lattes in all the land, with this almost-chocolatey espresso. Espresso beans are such a chic gift, don’t you think?

BedGear Weighted Blanket ($200): One part anti-anxiety gift, one part wintry coziness. This 15 pound blanket gives a seriously calming vibe thanks to the pressure sensation; I’ve been using one at home both for lounging on the couch and sleeping, and I absolutely love it. There are furry versions, colored versions, and ones big enough to cover a king bed.

Mariage Frères Marco Polo Set ($43): So I know this will sound super weird but the coolest gift you’ll ever give someone is a tea-jelly from Paris. Dude I know just go with it. Anyway, Mariage Frères makes this tea called Marco Polo; it’s a black tea and to me it tastes very tropical, almost like mango and berry, maybe? Anyway this comes with the tea and then the jelly that’s made from the tea, which is honestly so bonkers. I had it at Claridge’s in London with clotted cream and scones and I was like what the fuuuuuuuh is this??! Anyway it’s dope you should get it.

David’s Steeper Starter Kit ($40): Many of you know how much I love David’s Tea. I think so many of their sets make amazing gifts for the holidays, and this one is no exception. Their tea is almost exclusively loose leaf, and the steeper makes it easy to brew up tea without using sachets (so sustainable!). Plus, it comes with three of their signature blends: green passionfruit, cinnamon rooibos chai, and forever nuts (which honestly sounded so weird to me before I tried it but now I’m legit addicted).

Framed Print (varies): OK I’ll be honest, a framed print is risky unless you know exactly what someone wants. This was low key just another ploy to remind my immediate family that I like this Matisse poster. But maybe you like it too, and in that case, yay I was helpful!

Ladurée Gift Sets and Macarons (varies): Sure, you could say that Ladurée is so 2012, but to that I would say, 2012 was a delicious time. Also this company is like 200 years old or something. Anyway, I still f*king love that place and a box of French macarons is a delightful treat of a gift. I can’t find their yule log selection and I’m upset about it. I saw there was a pink one. I feel deceived. Someone pls help.

Breville Crystal Clear Tea Kettle ($80, originally $100): Obsessed with this tea kettle. Lightning fast, such clean design, and a great capacity. It’s on sale on a number of sites for the holidays, and is a great value, particularly for anyone in your life who loves tea.

Candle (varies): A candle can be a universal “I don’t know what to get this person” gift, but it works pretty much all the time for anyone because candles are f*king awesome. Like low key would die if someone got me a Diptyque candle. I freak out when I get any candle, honestly. I got a Jo Malone candle last year and it’s literally a prized possession. Taking a whiff of my peony & blush suede scent is a sacred ritual. If you want a Christmas-scented one, go for Thymes Frasier Fir; it is a gift from Jesus himself in celebration of his birthday.

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper ($150): I love that these are called hampers. The British basket of foodie gifts is a staple at Fortnum & Mason, and this one comes with like, three bottles of wine… and all the Christmas sweets, including Christmas pudding (how Charles Dickens of them!). Perhaps you’ll meet the ghost of Christmas future or some sh*t if you buy this. IDK you’ll have to find out!

Berkey Travel Berkey 1.5 Gallon ($250): I’m obsessed with my Berkey (thanks for the hot tip, Olivia). This thing is like the Ferrari of water filters, and makes your tap water taste like Voss. This is a kickass adition to your kitchen, and great for reducing single use plastics. If you know someone who’s trying to kick a Dasani habit, this is a great gift for them.

Château Versailles Platter ($40): I usually don’t recommend museum gift shop products but I think this platter from Versailles is so cute. A decorative platter or serving dish is a lovely home-goods gift.

Yeti Tundra 45 ($300): One day I will get myself this cooler. If the Berkey is the Ferrari of water filters, the Yeti is like… the Birkin of coolers? I realize I went from luxury cars to luxury bags but like same thing amirite. Anyway, Yetis are rad and I want the sand colored one eventually so I can convince someone to go camping with me.

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