mayakoba, mexico ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ

it’s not often you get to spend five days at a five-star resort on the caribbean coast of mexico โ€” just at the jungle’s edge in the riviera maya โ€” with your best friends. in fact, it’s really one of those pinch me, once-in-a-lifetime kind of ordeals that no photos can truly capture and no words can accurately record. I’ll try my best ;)

two of my favorite humans in the universe got married last weekend andย it’s been a moment that our group of best friends has been anticipating for nine years now. sweet megan and zak have been together since first semester freshman year of college, and they tied the knot at the fairmont mayakoba in quintana roo, just north of playa del carmen. they’ve been two of my very best, closest friends since college (meg and I were roommates in our sorority!) and experiencing their big day with them in such a special place will forever be one of my most cherished memories.

I flew into LA to meet my two bffs hailey and olivia, and we got into mexico via cancun late on thursday. we shuttled to the fairmont, packed our closet with about 75 floral-patterned dresses and beach pieces (seriously I packed like 17 things from show me your mumu), and headed out immediately for tacos at the property’s la laguna restaurant.

the next morning we headed to the gym for an early AM sweat sesh & iced coffee before hitting the beach for some sun, sea, and blended drinks. we ate jumbo prawns and immense quantities of guacamole, took a dip in the ocean, and laid out while the guys (and hailey) played volleyball. we jumped in the pool before checking out meg’s bridal makeup trial, and then went to the rehearsal dinner before going out in playa del carmen. where exactly we went, I couldn’t tell you if you paid me. it was loud and aggressive and I am unsure if I’ll ever go back tbh but it was pretty damn many of you know, drinking isn’t typically part of my agenda, so the hangover the next morning was a little much but quickly remedied by a brunch buffet at las brisas on the beach at the resort. a little time in the pool and recovery on some lounge chairs got us ready for wedding prep โ€” and recharged enough for the most fun wedding I’ve been to, complete with fireworks and the bride crowd surfing while doing a handle pull of tequila. dancing barefoot in the sand with a paloma in hand and my favorite people around me was a high like no other.

we all got together for breakfast at la laguna the next day and stuffed our faces with french toast and waffles and fresh juices and chilaquiles. a few of us headed to the spa for massages and sauna time, and we all met up again at the beach โ€” before heading back to the spa for round two (the jacuzzi was v nice). that night we had dinner at the asian fusion mexican restaurant (I KNOW, WHAT) el puerto โ€” it was pheeeenomenal. miso black cod, duck fried rice, truffle miso soup… mmm.ย 

in just a few days, we managed to eat at all the restaurants at the resort (and likely all of the tacos), and get to the spa, the gym, the cafe, the beach, the pool, and even the jungle cruise on a boat.

speaking of which, the last day we went to la laguna yet again for breakfast before hitting the jungle cruise, seeing some crocodiles and wild birds, and making a champagne toast to the bride & groom.

I left mexico with a full heart and an overwhelming wave of gratitude โ€” a huge reminder that life is truly beautiful, and the people in it are unbelievably wonderful and full of love. I also left with a massive flu (that I got in the US) and have since been incapacitated, but that’s for another day.ย 

sending you lots of love this week and hoping you squeeze those you love a little tighter. remember โ€” gratitude always. first and foremost. ps I promise I’m uploading the rest of my europe itinerary soon! sorry for the delay ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


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