twin peaks views & a bedroom update

BB_TwinPeaks_08SmallA couple weeks ago, my friend helped me finally move the gross old rug out from under my bed, and roll out the new, pretty one I got from Rugs USA.


here’s where we left off with the fugly ass rug

The room makeover has been SUCH a work in progress; with the hectic schedule at work, and all the madness of being in a new city (full of adventures), AND training for my next half marathons, I can barely catch my breath. Plus, I’m trying to spread out the expenses as much as possible bc u kno like I ain’t made o’ money.

BB_RoomMakeover1One of the first steps from my work with Laurel & Wolf was to get a new area rug. Removing the old rug made a HUGE difference. The dark color, ugly print, and massive size seemed to dominate the room; it brought a very outdated vibe to the entirety of the space, and seemed to darken the overall aesthetic, which was unfortunate given the gorgeous natural light.

Then we added in the new rug from Rugs USA — the Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug immediately brought a fresh, bright, modern look to the room. The smaller size also made the room feel a little bigger, and lets the nice hardwood flooring show so much more… this is just a sneak preview of what I’ll show you next week!


Some more fresh additions: the desk that I IKEA hacked with some gold spray paint, the nightstand from Urban Outfitters (back in stock June 23!), and fluffy faux mongolian pillows from Target (knock offs of the West Elm ones).

After we did more manual labor than one should do on a Sunday, we headed to Twin Peaks for a stunning view of the city. Check it out!BB_TwinPeaks_06Small BB_TwinPeaks_07Small BB_TwinPeaks_13SmallThe view from the top of the hill is soooo beautiful — you can see the whole city! Well… most of it, anyway. You def can’t see Ocean Beach/the Sunset where I live, but no one really cares about my part of town apparently? I think it’s pretty sweet, except for when there are sharks….

ANYWAY, highly suggest checking out Twin Peaks for a breathtaking view the next time you’re in the city!



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