march roundup of all things awesome

Hey guys! Hope your St. Pat’s was fun and you’ve had a successful recovery from Irish Car Bombs, or as my phone so wonderfully corrected, Irish Cat Bombs. Enjoy that stunning visual of cats dressed up as leprechauns, being hurled at people and things as bombs, and exploding on impact.

Here are some rad things I’ve discovered in this lovely month so far.


Healthy Brain, Happy Life
When I’m not rereading Harry Potter, I’m reading about science. This super quick read follows the story of Dr. Suzuki, a badass female neuroscientist from NYU who turned herself into her own experiment about  happiness and the human brain. Spoiler alert: there’s a happy ending.

BB_Resolutions_15_ (19 of 36)fitlosophy Goal Getter Journal
Okay so obviously this is a book for writing in and not for reading. One of the things I’ve been practicing this Lent season (or trying to, at least) — besides resisting the urge to stuff my gym bag with cadbury creme eggs/not eating pizza — is reflecting on the things I’m grateful for. A huge piece of this has been journaling, and I absolutely love the sweet little journal from fitlosophy because there’s a special section for expressing gratitude. Writing things down at the end of each day is such a powerful way to change your thoughts and stay positive. I honestly think all of you guys should try it, it’s incredible. Also the journal has gold on the cover so obvi 🙌🏼


Clarisonic Mia FIT
I got the chance to try this adorable pink face brush at work to review it for POPSUGAR Fitness. Because it’s so small,  it pops right in my gym bag and lets me get an amazing skincare experience on the go. Plus, the brush head is stupid soft, it’s like baby puppies are taking a bath and snuggling your face, except there’s no nasty hair or wet dog smell, just the joyful experience of snuggly puppies. And also your face gets v clean.


St. Lucia
My first concert as a San Francisco resident definitely set the bar pretty high. I got to see one of my favorite bands, St. Lucia, put on a phenomenal show at the Fillmore in Lower Pacific Heights. The venue was totally my style – old school, intimate, and warm, laidback vibes. At the end of sold out shows, you get a free poster, which made me feel like a giddy high schooler at a Senses Fail concert wait what did I just say I blacked out.


so many feels

If you haven’t been listening to their latest album, Matter, LISTEN RIGHT NOW. Also, I’ve been making a bunch of playlists for POPSUGAR so check out my author page for those.


Fresca Peruvian
Before the St. Lucia concert, my friend Lauren and I headed to Fresca for the most incredible meal of Peruvian tapas. Every plate was marvelously unique and flavorful. Ceviches soaked in coconut milk and jalapenos, andean mashed potatoes with chicken and avocado, perfectly fried plantain chips, a large carafe of red wine sangria, skewers of chorizo and prawns, grilled corn – needless to say we were pretty damn full before we headed to the Fillmore. Moderately priced, intimately set, and wonderfully served, Fresca is a gem of a restaurant, in the beautiful Lower Pac Heights neighborhood.

In the Nob Hill neighborhood along the cable car line, there’s a darling little cafe on Hyde Street called NOOK. If you want a charming, decidedly San Francisco experience, stop by this adorable coffee shop on a quiet afternoon for a freshly brewed latte and croissant, while watching the classic SF cable cars cruise by the window.

Bedtime Dessert Oatmeal
Are there moments in your life when you’re like, I want cake but I also want oatmeal, what do I choose? Where do I begin? Don’t fret, my dear reader. You can have your cake and oatmeal, too.
Try this dessert/bedtime snack recipe I adapted from Chrissy Tiegen’s baked yellow cake oatmeal – it takes two minutes to make! Measure out a half a cup of quick cooking rolled oats, pour in a cup of milk, and add a couple tablespoons of boxed yellow cake mix. Heat it up for 1:30, stir it up, and let it sit for about 30 seconds. The result? Soothing bedtime oatmeal that tastes like yellow cake batter. You’re welcome.

Strawberries & Cream Smoothie
I made this at home the other night, and it was so delicious, I immediately wrote up the recipe for POPSUGAR. Head to the site to get the scoop — it’s seriously amazing and you’re going to love it. And it’s healthy!


Adidas Superstars
You may have seen on my instagram, but I totally I feel like a swoosh traitor at the moment; I blame my friend who works for Adidas corporate. I will always be a Nike girl, but these classic Superstar sneaks have been the finishing touch to many of my outfits lately. I’m linking to the little boys version because I had to get a size 3. HEADS. UP. The sizing conventions at Adidas are totally effed, and I had to exchange thrice to get the right size.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

children’s footwear

Bomber Jackets
I got this textured knit bomber jacket from Banana Republic, which opened the floodgates for a new outerwear obsession. A bomber jacket is the perfect combo of sporty and sophisticated, and if anyone reading this blog can find me a sweet black leather bomber I will buy you a pizza and have it delivered to wherever you are, regardless of continent (caveat: I don’t have money so it has to be cheap or u r disqualified from pizza contest). I’m kinda crushing on this one in army green from Topshop, too.


All of dem
I’ve been able to try some pretty sweet workout classes recently. Outside of my favorite Equinox classes, I’ve taken a rowing class at the Row Club, a TRX sculpt class at Wheel House, muscle-shaking barre at Pure Barre, and a dance class at the COMPANY. My body hurts.

I’m also excited to share that I’ll be running the Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon in San Diego with Suja! Super stoked to train with the nutritional help of some bitchin juices. I may have mentioned in an earlier post, but I’ll also be running the SF Half in July… So I’ll be back on here with lots of training tips and recaps!

Also, I’m finally heading home to visit San Diego for the first time since I moved! I’ll be spending this coming weekend with family to celebrate Easter. Wishing you all a beautiful Holy Week!


4 thoughts on “march roundup of all things awesome

  1. The Lovely Lina says:

    I stumbled upon your article about running/breathing on Facebook and kind-a-sort-a fell in love. Your post was totally relatable, minus the asthma I can’t run to save my life (well maybe if my life depended on it, but as exercise, running is a no-go). I haven’t gone running in over a year, but I did start practicing yoga this year so there is now officially a chance I’ll be changing my mind and heading for run – because your article was just that great.

    Oh and then I found your blog, love you more. Then I found out your from San Diego too (I was born and raised in SD too), now I’m obsessed. Be my new best friend?!


    Liked by 1 person

    • dominique says:

      Lina! It is so great to meet you on here, and thank you for your beautifully kind words. I’m glad the article was helpful, keep me posted on how yoga helps you; it truly changed so much for me :) keep in touch!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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