Extreme Makeover: Room Edition

Hey everyone! So a little update that I alluded to in a post a couple weeks ago… I’m in the process of redesigning my room in my new SF house.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working with the digital design group Laurel & Wolf to come up with a new look for my bedroom, before I show you the direction and look for what I’m working toward, I’ll give you some insight as to what I’m working with…BB_BedroomBefore_01There are many pros to this space, chief of which is the gorgeous natural light; it streams through early and stays all day. I’m really in heaven with the light here. It’s also a decent size, especially for being so old, and the floors are hardwood. Then there are some less nice things…


exhibit a

The rug is fug af. It’s a fug rug. It’s old. And it’s big. And it NEEDS. TO. GO. Fortunately this was not my grandma’s, although it looks like it should be. So one of the first steps will be replacing the rug.BB_BedroomBefore_13I’m hoping to mount the TV somewhere facing the bed, but I’m about as handy as a newborn baby, so that’s TBD right now. Oh did I mention, there’s only ONE OUTLET IN THE ENTIRE ROOM??? Yeah. One. So…. I’ll be finding ways to come up with some kind of electrical hack, hopefully without barbecuing myself.
BB_BedroomBefore_11The furniture is old. Some of it was my grandma’s, some of it … isn’t… and I don’t know where it came from. My hope is to not just dump this stuff out on the street but to find a new place for it, because although some of the pieces are quite pretty, they’re not my style. That said, I’d still like to keep them in the house somewhere, since they’re heirlooms, and I would feel like a jackass getting rid of them.BB_BedroomBefore_14Oh, and there’s an extra door in here (wtf) and a very old ceiling light which I’ll be replacing soon. I’m planning on refinishing the vanity and finding a replacement mirror, and getting some new furniture pieces (on a budget because it is SF after all and everything is asking for my money from the trains to the taxes to the toll roads to the food).

L&W let me choose from eight designers, who each submitted a “first look” based on my ideas. After I chose my designer (s/o to Andrea!), she created a space and worked with me to tailor it to my needs, then sent a shopping list, floor plan, and instructions.

Here’s the concept:

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.15.09 PMPretty cool, right? This view doesn’t include a dresser, my desk, my shoe shelves (as you may have noticed, my shoes are currently stashed ALL OVER THE PLACE), or the vanity – I’ll be taking care of those as well. I have a few DIY projects in motion, one of which is gilding stuff with some gold rustoleum ($3 at Home Depot):


voted worst snapchat friend 2 years in a row

So that’s all for now, but I’ll be updating you as the pieces start to come in and the look starts to come together. I’m so grateful for the help of Laurel & Wolf to kick start this project, and very excited to share some excellent brands and bargains with you for your next interior design project – I hope it inspires you to make a space in your home more beautiful.


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