december roundup of all things awesome

I unintentionally skipped over November (whoops) so here’s a super special combo round of the best things I’ve found these past two months!

Let’s get down on it.


Apparently that’s my favorite genre, according to Spotify.

In the past few weeks I got to see BØRNS and Odesza, and both shows were absolutely insane. I’m always in awe of musical talent, of all kinds.

A new-ish artist I’ve been listening to is Hermitude. Check out their song The Buzz here.


Flares & Loungewear
I’m still obsessed with my flares from Madewell that are thirty-percent off at ShopBop rn and a little more than half off at Madewell in this wash.

Also loving my flannel PJ pants from J.Crew (got them on sale)… I had to get XXSP because I’m a midge.


Winter’s Dream Hot Cocoa
I tried this miraculous concoction in February at the St. Regis Deer Valley, and only recently did I think to look up a recipe to try at home. The secret ingredients? Besides a dutch cocoa and a from-scratch hot chocolate recipe, they throw in a bit of nutmeg, Disaronno (or another amaretto), and irish cream. If you’re going to indulge in anything this year, THIS IS IT.

New Workout (Site)BB_1_IMG_0035.jpg

I’ve been getting my tips from PopSugar Fitness… and I’ll share a little more in the coming weeks about what’s going on there :) I’ve been pinning their workouts and reading their articles for a while now, and I love that there’s always something fresh to read every day.

Beauty Stuff

Skin, Inc
I was lucky enough to get to try the Get Perfect holiday set this past month, and it’s phenomenal! In addition to their famous Pure Revival Peel and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, they created a custom “soothing” serum with hyaluronic acid, which is super hydrating. This is especially good for my skin, which gets uncomfortably dry and irritated in the winter. You can try it without the serum here. I’ve been using all three products, and my skin looks and feels SO good.

Place to VisitBigBear_Dec15_01

Big Bear
You likely read the recap but in case you didn’t, go visit Big Bear! If you’re in Southern California, it’s a short drive away to a mountainous, snowy escape. It’ll definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

Super Deal

I could go on forever about my favorite Chanel Lipstick (just realized it’s Vogue UK’s #1 Red Lipstick), but that bad boy is $36. If you’re looking for the color without the cost, try Rimmel London’s Kate Moss Rossetto 111. It’s five bucks, and strikingly similar.

The deal here is that it’s FREE if you want to try it for a month: use the code dommymichellexoxo and you get three pieces of jewelry sent to your house. Try them out, send them back or keep the pieces you like, and you get more jewelry sent to you!

FabFitFun Winter Box
Get $10 off with the code BEACH and get all of this: wine stoppers, body cream, a three-piece Dermalogica set, fingerless gloves from Whitney Eve, EJH diffuser, gorgeous Zoya nail polish, black and rose gold ear buds, Sweet & Spark $40 gift card, shoptiques $25 gift card, and 3 free meals from

Drank (& Snax)

BB_NovemberShoot_15Chestnut Praline Latte & Cranberry Bliss Bar
I have this thing where I can only drink Breve Lattes (half and half instead of milk), which is like… really fatty. But my body I guess metabolizes the coffee/caffeine too quickly if there’s not enough fat content and I get an instant headache. TMI but w/e. Breve lattes are delicious anyway. I get a breve Chestnut Praline Latte during the holidays and it is truly a delicious treat. Also my favorite food is Cranberry Bliss Bars, they are gifts from the gods. Buy them in bulk at Starbucks.

Something Funny

bb Grinch
I just really wanted to share this collage of the baby grinch, which was sent to me by my friend Olivia and it is both our phone’s screensavers. Also I know I’m SO late to this but if you haven’t seen Justin Bieber’s Carpool Karaoke on the James Corden show then YOU NEED TO. There’s a new one after that when you’re done.

Have a great holiday break everyone! Next roundup will be in 2016!


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