quick makeup routine or a 10-minute head transplant?

I’ve been debating posting this for a while because my before pictures are so ridiculous and embarrassing, but I got to this whatever point and I’m just like this is me take it or leave it.

ANYWAY, this post will be sharing my beauty routine, and I promise I don’t look THAT bad before makeup but sometimes I think I’m being funny and the results are more horrifying than I anticipate. C’est la vie.

We live in a time of facades and fakeness – with some people literally crumbling under the pressure from trying to live a “fake” life for instagram and the media. I thought it would be a good time to share a little more behind the scenes than I’d usually be comfortable with.

Please note, I am never going to show my bare, makeupless face on the internet again. But for the sake of transparency, behold my babe-a-licious morning mug… and the head transplant routine that takes ten minutes.


tell me I’m pretty          –>        pretending this is “natural”

The concept was prompted by before and after snapchats I sent a friend. Feast your eyes yet again…


I am the worst snapchat friend

Please tell your eyes I send my condolences.

But like… yay transparency! ehhhh…

Let’s move on. Makeup!

The steps are simple:

  1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with a sponge
  2. Apply base mascara/conditioner (mine is Chanel)
  3. Under eye concealer via First Aid Beauty – Eye Duty Triple Remedy
  4. A little cream blush (bareMinerals pop of passion)
  5. Brow brushing and lining with an Anastasia pencil
  6. Cream eyeshadow – Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in gold
  7. Liquid liner, in a thin line with a slight wing off the edge
  8. MascaraChanel Inimitable Intense
  9. Lip color of the day; this day was NYX soft matte lip cream in Antwerp

BB_beauty_skincare_A_01 BB_beauty_skincare_17 BB_beauty_skincare_18

Sometimes I wear more, but most of the time I wear less, honestly. However, the results really speak for themselves; here’s the after picture again (so you can see it without being forced to see the “before” photo):


So in lieu of getting a head transplant, try this 10 minute “natural glow” routine and see how it goes!


3 thoughts on “quick makeup routine or a 10-minute head transplant?

  1. Gen says:

    My boyfriend says you look the same with makeup and no makeup. This is his opinion and he’s a good looking guy with good taste for women lol!!!! You’re so pretty!!! Don’t try to fool us with your funny picture without makeup! ( I love the glasses btw) I think in general the only purpose of makeup is to accentuate our already beautiful rasgos!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dlbecker19902015 says:

    I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer! I recently started using in place of powder foundation and not only did this cut my makeup time in half but it gives you the most gorgeous glow!

    Liked by 1 person

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