Gifts for your Girl Gang

gifts for your girl gang

Hey friends!

Some of you may have already seen my BuzzFeed post on 36 gifts for 9 babes in your girl gang, but I wanted to share it here, too!

You’ll probably notice a few carry over items from my last gift guide… I think I may have inserted myself a little bit into each of these profiles. Whoops.

Whether you’ve got a Girl Boss in the group, or a Jet Setter, or a Socality Barbie, I’ve rounded up four gifts for each of the nine characters, ranging from under $20 to $75+. See which one you are, and forward this to your friends!

The Beauty Junkie

Gift Guide BJ

Her bathroom rivals a Sephora on steroids, and her wisdom of all things cosmetic knows no bounds. Here’s what she doesn’t have but will totally freak out about…

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads – $15
If she loves makeup, she’s taking good care of her skin, too. Give her complexion a natural boost with these brightening rounds.

Stila Lash Duo – $18
This primer/mascara combo (in stunning gold packaging) will leave a big impression on the Beauty Queen without breaking the bank.

BeautyBlender Set – $40
Chances are, she’s due for a replacement. This set of two comes with cleaner.

Skin Inc Get Perfect Set – $90
Known for their amazing serums, Japanese brand Skin Inc’s holiday set includes a peel, a serum, and a mask. Great excuse to invite yourself over for a facial & slumber party.

The Socality Barbie

Gift Guide SB

She’s definitely your coolest friend. She looks like an Urban Outfitters model, whether she’s at a music festival to see her favorite band that you’ve never heard of, or sipping a craft cocktail at a hipster downtown bar, or grabbing an artisanal cold-brew coffee…

Ticket Stub Diary – $12
The perfect place to archive all the cool shows she’s going to this year.

DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kit – $24
Because why wouldn’t she grow her own air plants? Let her get creative with a DIY set.

Diana Vreeland, The Modern Woman – $60
Iconic fashion photography from the ‘30s through the ‘60s, in a vintage coffee table book. Much retro, very trends. She. Will. Be. Stoked. And probably instagram it immediately.

Portable Record Player – $100
This girl is hipster af, it’s only right that she has a blush pink or pale mint portable record player. It’s the modern woman’s walkman.

The Fitness Fanatic

Gift Guide FF

When she’s not training for a half marathon, she’s probably inviting you to yoga or spin. She’s the friend who inspires you yet simultaneously makes you feel really, really bad about yourself (re: the tub of chocolate pretzels you just housed).

SPI running belt – $19
She’s running all over the place – help her keep her shit together (literally). This belt comes in a gorg blush pink color, and is stretchy enough to store her phone, keys and cards.

fitlosophy fitbook Fitness + Nutrition Journal – $22
With the new year around the corner, she’s definitely gearing up for new goals and resolutions. This thoughtful journal will help her set, track, and stay on target for a 12-week fitness goal.

lululemon yoga mat – $58
A beautiful, reversible option that would be a nice upgrade to her “well-loved” (aka smells foul) mat she’s had forever.

Beats By Dre Powerbeats2 – $200
Ah, the gift that could win Christmas. Bluetooth, wireless, sport earbuds. She’s going to lose her mind, so plan accordingly [Sidebar,  I had the chance to try these out, and they’re incredible. Highly, HIGHLY recommend].

The Jet Setter

Gift Guide JS

You never know if she’s in town, or galavanting around the globe… but her instagram is on fire. (Tip: this set also works if you’re planning a trip with a bestie!)

City Skyline Necklace – $10+
Etsy is replete with many a unique treasure – in this case, hundreds of city skyline necklaces. Did Paris capture your friend’s heart? Is she from SF, and in need of a reminder of home while she globe trots? Pick a city and a metal, and prepare to accept the Friend of the Year award. Passport Cover – $24
Her current cover is probably pretty tattered given her recent travel schedule. Give her a fresh cover and something to remember you by on every trip. Maybe this time she’ll remember the souvenirs, too… Rose Gold Zip Pouch – $30
This gorgeous travel essential is as convenient as it is thoughtful – and it’ll match that passport cover, if you’re putting a cute gift set together.

Hitcase Pro Cover – $100
It’s waterproof, shockproof, has some solid lense options, and mounts to a selfie stick. Just what she needs to take those ‘grams to the next level (here’s one for the iPhone 5).

The Future Martha Stewart

Gift Guide MS

She’s always hosting something at her house; from Chinese New Year to Summer Solstice, chances are, dinner and drinks are at her place – and the decor is insane. Who are we to complain?

Yay! Shot Glasses – $11
These shot glasses are just as enthusiastic as she is… and they’ll come in handy for her New Year’s Eve party.

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte – $24
The gold standard in stoneware, in an adorable mini (read: budget friendly) form.

Agate Coasters – $64
A beautiful addition to her coffee table, which is undoubtedly already pretty chic.

Anthropologie Giant Mercury Glass Candle – $88
Her home is basically Anthropologie, it may as well smell like it FOREVER with this giant candle in Volcano – Anthro’s signature scent. Side bar, it comes in other sizes if you’re looking for this at a lower price point!

The Girl Boss


Oh, the Girl Boss. She had a BlackBerry and an iPhone… in high school. She’s your group’s most-likely-to-succeed type, and likely on some kind of “30 under 30” list. But First, Coffee thermal – $14
For her first or her 11th cup of the day. Doesn’t matter.

Z Gallerie Champagne Flutes – $24
For her next promotion, signed client, magazine cover, world domination, etc. Let’s piggyback on her success and ensure there’s Veuve involved. Throw in a bottle of rosé for a baller gift set.

Stadler Form Diffuser – $60
Whether she’s in her office or answering emails at home, diffusing oils will help her de-stress.

Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet – $120
This busy girl’s phone is always dying – help her out with a tech-savvy clutch as she heads from the office to a “networking” happy hour.

The Token Beyoncé

Gift Guide TB

Every group’s got one. She’s fabulous, she’s got it all, and… she’s impossible to shop for. I’m here to help.

iDecoz Selfie Mirror – $11
This way, all her selfies are #flawless.

Wildfox Sleep Mask – $28
She “woke up like dis” after a restful sleep. Thanks, uber-luxe sleep mask.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish – $50
Yes, it’s $50 for a nail polish, but it’s CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. And it’s just as fabulous as she is. The most glam gal in the girl gang will deeeefinitely appreciate this.

Jemma Sands Bali Bracelet – $136
Dainty, simple, and elegant – this gorgeous 14k gold bangle comes in a bunch of gemstone options, like sapphire or rose quartz, letting you tailor the gift to her style and signature color.

The Closet Nerd

Gift Guide CN

Only her best friends know of her deep love for textbooks and fantasy novels, and her “mild” Harry Potter obsession. Celebrate her inner nerd with a gift she’ll totally geek-out about.

Novel Teas – $12
Bags of tea wrapped in quotes from classic literature. They’re “literally awesome” in the most accurate sense.

Accio Pizza Sweatshirt – $27
If you get it, you get it. Guaranteed, she gets it. Make sure Domino’s is on speed dial.

Pi(z*z)a Stone – $48
Also focusing on pizza (#🍕forever), this stone is equal parts subtle math joke and carb-creating device. Win.

Game of Thrones Monopoly – $60
You may not always agree on TV shows, but you can definitely agree on a board game night with a little (spiked) cocoa and pajamas… right?

This Girl 💁// The PSL Consumer

Gift Guide TG

Her favorite color is pink, she loves Nordstrom and sparkles, and nearly always has a Starbucks in hand (with perfectly manicured nails).

Hanky Panky Low Rise – $18
Undoubtedly the best kind of underwear, in ultra-feminine colors and ubersoft lace.

Teeny bkr – $28
This adorable little bottle is impossibly chic, plus… glass bottles > plastic bottles. Single-use plastics are so 2014.

Beautyzzz Natural Silk Pillowcase – $47
A true princess will more than appreciate this ultimate thoughtful gift: silky, wrinkle-defying pillowcases. This is beauty sleep for the big leagues.

Natori Nirvana Bathrobe – $60
If she idolizes Kate Middleton, give her instant princess vibes, at home. Luxury. Glamour. Bathrobes.

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Here are some Christmas Jamz to get your holiday shopping rolling.


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