erryday, erryday

Gooood morning friends! Hope you all had a lovely weekend; I spent the past couple days at my college’s homecoming, which was a pretty awesome reunion with some of my best friends. I imagine what I experienced was similar to a high school reunion, but not shitty, and your friends rent out a club in Hollywood and pour Grey Goose in your mouth and another friend has to remind you that you’re 25 years old and too old to sneak onto the stage to dance with the performers.

So that was that. But here we are again: Monday. And back to the the usual routine, which includes wardrobe.

I am one of those people who buys something (clothing related), loves it, and proceeds to wear that same thing – day in and day out – for weeks. Gross? Perhaps. But it certainly reassures that you made a good purchase decision. Adios, buyer’s remorse! C u never.
I promise I wash my clothes regularly

A few of my best purchases that I wear on repeat (and mix and match!) regardless of season:

*white converse low tops
*dark blue skinny jeans (mine are from Madewell – they’re the perfect fit for my shape)
*white pearl studs, like the 360s I’m wearing below from BaubleBar
*a white tee – either a silky one, a slouchy pocket tee, or this one featured with a keyhole back
*a chambray or flannel (this one from J Crew is a classic, and this one‘s on sale)
*a top knot
*my gold nixon watch

Here are all of those things, together as one. I removed the anorak, lipstick and high heels from this post in Golden Gate Park, subbed converse, and threw my hair up into its most familiar style. Because the weather was warm (in comparison to SF’s usual temps), this kit was ideal for walking around the neighborhood.

BB_SFCasual0_sm BB_SFCasual1_sm BB_SFCasual2_smBB_SFCasual06_sm BB_SFCasual3_smBB_SFCasual4_sm BB_SFCasual05_smI’d like to think that if this outfit were a song, it would be this one.

Happy Monday! Less than eight weeks left in 2015… ahhhh!!!!! Go get a red cup from Starbucks and listen to this song. I promise it’ll make your Monday better.


all photos © Arielle Vey photography

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