I feel like I’m keeping a captive journal right now…

DAY 33
Fall has yet to make an appearance, and after thirty three days, we have yet to escape the scorched earth that is Southern California. It was 91º this weekend. NINETY ONE DEGREES. I shall leave this place, and go very, very far, until it is slightly cooler and I begin to complain that it is “too cold.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love warm, sunny weather. But we all need a break, tbh. I had to travel 500 miles north to get said break. Hence #desperateforfall.

Last week on our trip to SF, we soaked in the autumness, grabbed pastries from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (no cruffins, they’ve been sold out each time I’ve visited), and headed to Golden Gate Park.

Here’s my LOTD for a real Autumn day in San Francisco (ps would not recommend wearing suede heels in the dirt, but they look pretty cool in pictures so maybe go for it?). Also this was my first day not wearing activewear in a long time, so I was really excited.

sidebar, here’s a cool song to listen to while you scroll through!

BB_SFandBigSur51BB_SFandBigSur22BB_SFandBigSur24A BB_SFandBigSur26 BB_SFandBigSur50 BB_SFandBigSur29 BB_SFandBigSur48 BB_SFandBigSur25A BB_SFandBigSur49BB_SFandBigSur27 BB_SFandBigSur52

THE DETAILS: Combining my favorite Fall things: a chambray, this anorak I got at H&M (similar here), dark lipstick, and these burgundy beauties from Madewell. I threw on a bunch of midi rings from H&M as well ($5 for a pack of 7,000), and half-knotted my hair.

As we all know, dressing for Fall calls for the layering of colors, textures, patterns, etc. I want to make a joke about layering a “fall coat” but I can’t think of anything witty right now. Just watch that video here.

All that said, my favorite Fall accessory is snacks. Hence my accessory “detail shots” of the donut box.

Because this is currently my favorite outfit, and I’m a serial outfit repeater, you may be seeing more of these pieces in the not-so-distant future. Whoops! More specifically, I’ll be showing how I made this set more casual and practical in another post (read: shoe swap), coming later this week.


all photos © Arielle Vey photography

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