my first time at soulcycle

So… I succumbed.

I told myself it was too expensive, a fad, a cult, etc etc. But eventually, I caved to my own uncontrollable curiosity. I had to see what the fuss was about. I went to SoulCycle.

{This isn’t new information to the trendy, fitness-inclined bunch in OC/LA… More so for my San Diego readers! Apologies for being super behind the trends but what are you gonna do.}

In a quest to see how white I could be, I headed to Fashion Island in Newport Beach with my bestie Olivia, so we could swing by Nordstrom, hit up an expensive fitness class, grab fro-yo from Pressed Juicery, and have dinner at Whole Foods.

I hope you haven’t closed this window.

Anyway. SoulCycle.


My biggest takeaway: The place. Smells. Like. HEAVEN. Like if scent were a sight, it would be comparable to seeing the face of God.

…was that too much?

This won’t be news to anyone who has been to SoulCycle, but apparently Jonathan Adler created a signature scent for this place. Of course.


I know what I’m buying online next (also, 100% battery 🙌🏼)

The ambiance is bright, white, clean, and positive. The music is loud and fun, and like I said, the smell is amazing – so you’re pretty captivated from the moment you walk through the door. I’m starting to get it.

First ride is $20, but after that, every class is $30… a pretty hefty fee for a 45 minute class. And if you don’t have shoes, that’s another $3/class. I spin like twice a month so I don’t have shoes. Fortunately, they didn’t charge me. Woo!

We went in, and Olivia helped me set up my bike, because I’m inept.


what a badass, right? “ATHLETE” “RENEGADE”

Then it began. A girl around my age, who looked like a clone of one of my sorority sisters (bubbly, beautiful, fun, energized.. of course. It’s Fitness Barbie) took the stage, looking like a hybrid of rockstar/fitness icon, and the fitness rave began.

Set to eardrum-crushing decibel levels of electronic dance music, with the candles (omg the candles) lit up in the center, we began our cycling “journey.”

It was fun. It was sweaty. It was exciting. It was…. a spin class. A quick forty-five minutes later, we were done.

All in all, it was a great experience. I have zero complaints. The bathrooms were magical and I honestly really want to go back just to say I showered there. But can I afford to pay $30+/class (and drive to Newport weekly)? Nah, dude! I ain’t made of money! I guess I didn’t get addicted. However, I WILL return to SoulCycle as a treat class, or if I magically become rich in the somewhat near future! Fingers crossed for the latter.


TL;DR: I recommend SoulCycle (for the occasional “treat” class): smells amazing, is expensive.

My top | My pants | Olivia’s top | Olivia’s pants


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