how i got the best skin of my life

I have the best skin I’ve ever had in my life rn. Face skin, specifically. In case there was any confusion.

It didn’t start that way, if I’m being totally honest.  The voyage into skincare was a clumsy one, and it came about via samples – given to me by a friend – comprising a lengthy routine, then a brief introduction to serums (honestly, wtf are they), and a lot of trial and error with different products that resulted in some out-of-the-norm breakouts (super fun).

I also have never been in the habit of washing my face regularly – that changed. But now, my skin feels and looks amazing; it’s even better than it was when I was younger and had that youthful, adolescent glow.

Here’s how it came full circle – no fancy treatments, nothing super expensive. It’s two parts: the way I’m treating my face, and the way I’m treating my body. Check out the routine and simple lifestyle adjustments below:


Step 1: Wash your face, morning and nightIMG_9899What I use: Cetaphil + Clarisonic, or Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.
I alternate morning and night. Cetaphil + Clarisonic is gentle and brightening. Dermalogica is refreshing and smoothing. Both leave my face feeling silky. If you don’t have a face brush like a Clarisonic, you can try a konjac sponge or soft washcloth.

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Step 2: Tone, as needed

What I use: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, or Clinique Clarifying Lotion317RqAhxLLL
Both are great at mitigating oil and treating burgeoning blemishes.




Step 3: Moisturize, as needed

What I use: Clinique Moisture Surge gel creme
It’s rich without being oily; the gel ensures that you’re hydrated without adding the excess oils.



  1. Hydrate, frequently
    I have been starting days with oil pulling (coconut oil) and a room temp glass of lemon water. I wish I took before and after photos, because I can definitely notice a difference. I feel glowy and radiant. My skin looks so healthy. I drink about 4-6 bottles of water a day (via my bkr bottle), which is about 64-100 oz. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I have to pee all the time. All. The. Time.
  2. Exercise
    The healthier your body is as a whole, the healthier your skin will be. I have noticed a direct correlation in the amount of exercise I do to the clarity and health of my skin. Just make sure you clean up your face after a sweaty workout! I love these wipes from the Yes To… brand – they’re a staple in my gym bag.
  3. Eat well
    And this definitely doesn’t mean starve yourself – if you deprive yourself of essential nutrients, you’re depriving your skin, too. Natural, whole foods are best, but you can supplement things like Vitamin E and Omega 3 if you’d like an added boost. Sugars and fats aren’t bad if they’re the right sugars and fats. Make sure you’re fueling up, avoiding a lot of processed junk, but definitely not depriving yourself of things you love.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$_35Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.20.16 PM
  4. Sleep well

    some of my favorite oils for diffusing

    It’s so easy to neglect sleep when you have a busy schedule. Whether you’re in college trying to cram for exams (in between an already crammed social schedule), or you’re freelancing in addition to 9-5 work, or work is totally consuming your life in general… sleep usually takes a back seat in terms of priorities. However, I’ve realized that the better you sleep, the better your skin looks. Need a little help snoozing? Try diffusing some oils to relax, or taking a melatonin tablet before bed (I do both). Put on some tranquil, ambient music or invest in a sleep mask.


When I get more into serums (and figure out what they are, exactly) I’ll let you know what works into my routine and helps my skin the most… more on that later.

For now, this is what has been working (and working WELL). Check it out, give it a go, and let me know what you think! Also, do you have any skin tips? Maybe an exfoliator, or a mask? A cool eye cream or night treatment? Tell me in the comments! As you can see, I’m totally willing to be a guinea pig.


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