quarter life shenanigans

This past weekend I turned 25 (😫) and I’m feeling really, really old… and considering anti-aging regimens… which is ironic, because I was just recently asked if I was over the age of 13.

Anyway. Aside from the perils of aging, this past weekend reminded me how important it is to take time and and trips with your best friends. My wonderful friends from college (sisters fo lyfe) hosted the most surreal birthday trip for me at my friend’s home in Coronado Cays, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been – and it’s right here in San Diego.


Our island escape (“basically Mexico, but with mansions,” according to one friend) included a lot of my favorite things: ample amounts of girl time, a little rosé, a lot of jet skiing and water activities, more early 2000s hip hop than I’ve heard since I had an iPod Mini, hiding smirnoff ices in various locations and icing each other (am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?), walking barefoot in the sun and swimming in the Pacific at Silver Strand Beach, more cake and cupcakes than anyone could ever eat, CT crunch for days, pizza everywhere, trips to the Hotel Del Coronado (one of my favorite places of all time), kayaking, jacuzzi time, hunting for ghosts, and sneaking around a ballroom after hours.


AND one of my favorite surprises was my package of bikinis from my amazing and beautiful friend at AYRA Swimwear. A perfectly-fitting bikini has such a massive impact on how you feel when you put on a bathing suit… you find something that just fits and works for your body, and you never want to take it off. The lavender ‘kini I wore on my birthday made me feel like a model – and the style is called “Dominique.” I can’t wait for AYRA to launch in the U.S. this Fall! I’ll be sure to update you when their store is live online.

So back to the birthday betch island bonanza… here’s a collection of photos from the trip!





making questionable decisions while making acai bowls


our backyard for the weekend


we made frittata, acai bowls, and fresh squeezed juice; had mimosas, cupcakes from Pure Cupcakes in Pacific Beach, and a bundt from Nothing Bundt Cakes


also a lot of snap chatting happened


the most GORGEOUS bikinis & best bday gift from AYRA 😍


this bikini style is called Dominique… so fitting




clearly adjusting well to my new adult status


one of the ballrooms at The Del is called the Crown Room… check out the sweet chandeliers!


another favorite from AYRA


sweet birthday treats from even sweeter friends


there’s a story behind this, but it’s not as interesting as you’d think



I’d say “#squadgoals” but then you’d probably unfollow me

BB_birthdayLR_15 BB_birthdayLR_18I know what you’re thinking: DIS bitch and her T-Swift weekend of besties and selfies by the sea, wtf! Yes, yes, but I posted this because I hope all of this inspires you to plan a girls getaway with your best friends. It is so, so worth taking the time out of your schedules and making the effort (and not too much is required!), especially if you’ve all moved to different places. Time with friends is so precious, and we all need an escape now and then.

Just don’t go overboard at Costco like I did, or you’ll be eating CT crunch and cheez its for 2 months (not like that’s the worst thing in the world).

Have a fabulous rest of your week! Cheers to the adventure this next year brings. Now send a group text and get your plans in motion.


Thank you SeaDoo for inadvertently sponsoring this post

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