mermaid monday

Keeping in line with my moisturizing-themed product recommendations, I present to you: Mermaid Monday (products made for merms on land).

In today’s installment, you’ll find things I’ve talked about and things I haven’t talked about, all brought together based on a theme (and the fact that they looked cute together on this table).

Things mermaids need rn:

  1. bkr – it reminds you to consume the #1 hydrating beauty product: water. and it’s cute. WIN. Also, you’re going to incessantly combat dehydrated skin, eyes, lips, hair, etc if you don’t drink enough water! Using a refillable bottle can helpΒ eliminate single use plastics, save the ocean, and contribute to a healthier planet.
  2. Clinique moisture surge CC cream – a little SPF for long days in the sea, a little moisture for dry skin, and light color correcting to blend in a sun burn or hide a blemish.
  3. Glossier. balm dotcom – it’s a pretty rad lip balm, especially for v dried/chapped lips.
  4. seashell – because duh

Have a happy Monday and stay hydrated!


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