I’m off to Tulum, Mexico today. I’ve dreamed about visiting here for years, and I finally decided to stop making excuses for the things I’ve been dreaming about about, to stop putting them off, and just DO them. I found an inexpensive flight, an Airbnb (and a hut on the beach!), and went ahead and booked a quick escape to the Yucatan Peninsula. I’m so excited for the adventures ahead, especially the Mayan Ruins and Cenotes. I’ve got a pocket full of pesos and I’m ready to roll.


here is an image i found for you on the google machine

Seeing as how I know approx 8 words in Spanish (is the phrase, “los cachorros siempre quieren jugar” useful?? I got the busuu app and that’s what I learned), this is probably going to end up as a series of hysterical (read: super humiliating) stories when I’m back.

I’ll be sharing the full details of my trip (obvi), but before I leave I wanted to share what I’m packing, and some of my travel essentials. They’re not really groundbreaking discoveries of what to pack while traveling abroad, but I always like seeing a visual checklist, so I thought you might want to, too! I have some fun new additions to my repertoire that I’m excited to show you.


Trying to limit everything to a backpack (the duffle is for my travel buddy, her name is Mom), so I’m really not bringing a lot at all. Some cut-offs, a few loose, lacy tops, worn-in chucks and a pair of sandals. Bringing some staple toiletries, a reusable water bottle, a waterproof camera and a few tech accessories. And lots of bikinis. Reading that back, it sounds like a lot, but it’s not… just trust me. It all fit in a backpack.

Major Items:
Shoes: Converse
Swim Cover Up: Despi
Shorts: Brandy Melville (because I shop at teenager stores)
Bag: lululemon (this is the one that zips off of my backpack!)
Water Bottle: bkr
Camera: FujiFilm FinePix FX80… got this at Costco for $150 (!!); it’s waterproof!
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Power Bank: Target (this recharges your phone)
Selfie Stick: Target (don’t judge this was my mom’s idea)

not pictured: J Crew Sandals… head to my instagram to see them!
DSC_4604 (1)
Toiletries (all from Target):
– Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (my hair gets super dry, so I’m combatting it with oil)
– Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70
– Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets (high temps = oily face; these things are super clutch)
– Ponds face wipes (just in case we cant use the water to wash our faces)
– OFF bug spray because mosquitoes


On the Plane:
There are a few things I neeeeeed while flying. For whatever reason, I’m always super dehydrated and dried out. Like I get that most people are, but I’m EXCEPTIONALLY parched. Here are a few things I use to keep me comfy and hydrated… they aren’t even aesthetic, pretty things that I’d normally want to photograph, but I’m trying to be realistic here.

– Sweater (lululemon): It’s on sale!!! And you can wear it like 4 or 5 ways and it is SO comfortable… If you get chilly on planes, definitely grab this. Amazing travel (and yoga) accessory.
– Refresh Tears (Target): I get dry eyes naturally, in addition to having contacts (thanks, genetics!), so I always carry these to avoid irritated eyes and general blindness
– Aquaphor lotion (Also Target): one of the best (and most affordable) solutions for dry skin
– Yes to Coconuts Lip Balm (not pictured, but super epic… see it here)
– bkr Water Bottle (link above): it’s just so pretty, and who doesn’t like a pretty reminder to drink water? Don’t answer that I’m unsure of what the response might be.
–  Sunnies (link above): not because it’s especially sunny on the plane, but because I’m hiding my makeupless face (and trying to look cool)
– Hand sanitizer (CVS): germs are lame. Airplanes are like flying germ machines.

DSC_4625-2 DSC_4654-2

Travel Day Outfit:

If I’m being completely transparent, I usually look borderline like a homeless person when I fly. I look at all these chic girls at SAN or LAX or wherever I am, wearing Valentino flats, leather jackets and pretty chemises, and scoff (while berating myself internally, wearing a tattered college sweatshirt). I say that it’s for comfort, but in reality it’s that I’m 100% lazy and often trying to wear the bulkiest thing from my luggage so I don’t have to check a bag. BUT, I stepped it up for you guys! Exception: my feet are not pictured because the sandals I’m legitimately wearing don’t actually look cute with this outfit, but they’re convenient and I don’t want to pack them. See… I ALMOST got a cute travel outfit together. Baby steps.

– Tank: Power Y, lululemon
– Pants: Jet Crop Slim *Luxtreme, lululemon
– Sweater: Iconic Wrap, lululemon

I don’t always look like a lululemon ad, but when I do, I ensure someone photographs it so I can save that moment forever.

I’ve already told you how insanely stoked I am on the Jet Crop Pants. They’re honestly so phenomenal and I’ll be doing another post specifically for them. In this collection of items, I have found that great little venn-diagram-cross-section of comfortable and ‘not-shitty-looking.’ Tip: check the lululemon sale racks (and hidden sales) in the store … they have ’em all the time! And look on the “we made too much” section of their website. You can score some great deals.

And with that, I bid you an ‘adios’ and I’ll see you when I’m back!
Happy 4th of July Weekend (oh, the irony)…


**all photos are by the talented Arielle Vey of Goldwire. See her Instagram here**

disclaimer: I have never gone to the Yucatan, so only time will tell if this packing list is legit or not. use at your own discretion.

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