Well hello there…


I’ve noticed that a lot of you here lately are new… so first, thanks for reading! I hope you’re enjoying the posts. I figured now would be a great time to introduce myself. I have this weird thing when I read blogs where I want to know all about the blogger (I’m not a stalker okay I just like putting things in context); I love learning about people, their backgrounds, and their passions. So here’s a little bit about me!


I grew up in San Diego (for the most part), but moved around about 20 times growing up. Despite all the changes in schools, states, and houses, I consider Carlsbad my hometown. I’m obsessed with San Diego, my little beach town, and all aspects of living by the sea. I also frequently daydream about being a mermaid.

I went to my dream school, USC (Fight On!), where I lived in my sorority house, went to every football game in the Coliseum, and studied everything from Music Industry to Neuroscience to PR (in which I eventually got my degree). I love learning. I’ve been working at a fun surf company in Orange County since 2011, when I started as a wee intern.

Writing, storytelling, and creating compelling content are all some of my favorite pastimes. This site seemed to be the perfect platform for all those things. I started a much sillier blog (which I still post to on occasion) back in the day; it’s called None For Gretchen Weiners and I write about really serious things – like how Girl Scouts are drug falcons – and hypothesize about the existence of mermaids on the moons of Jupiter. Super legit stuff.

My goal with beauty & the beach is to share things I’m passionate about that (hopefully) will benefit people in some way – whether that’s helping you finding a great new pair of shoes on sale, or go for your first run because you were inspired, or try a restaurant you’ve never heard of while you’re traveling. I want to inspire while being realistic – some of my favorite blogs and instagrams are chock full of beautiful imagery, gorgeous outfits and lavish vacations, but they’re all so unattainable; like… I love your outfit but I will never spend $1,000 on a pair of flats, I don’t care how cool Valentino is. Also that’s as much as I make in a month (jk kind of).

I’ll be very forthright when I say that I’m incredibly average when it comes to status. I’m probably the definition of middle class. Like, when you open an encyclopedia and go to ‘middle class’ (probably somewhere under socioeconomics) there’s probably a picture of me in a Target with a basket full of clearance items wearing designer sandals and Chanel mascara.

So, ideally the content I deliver will be a good mix of inspirational and attainable. And I thrive on feedback, so please please comment, email, use the little ‘contact’ form, etc!

And now, for the rest of the photos from the beautiful and talented Arielle Vey, my dear friend who – with our friend Dani – runs the delightful, boozy blog GOLDWIRE (check them out!). Arielle did a great job of capturing “me” … although it was not without struggle. Most of the time I was saying “I don’t know what to do with my hands.” So, without further ado…

DSC_9216 DSC_9342 DSC_9281DSC_9131bb_ariellevey_01DSC_9240DSC_9198


Top: Nordstrom | Flannel: Hurley | Shorts: J Crew | Shoes: Converse

Well, that was enough photos of myself to last 85 years, so I’ll go back to posting photos of beverages, beaches and shoes now…

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