N+TC Tour Los Angeles

This past weekend my friend Cheyenne and I went to the Nike Women’s Training Club tour in LA, and it was nothing short of insane (also just found out Ellie Goulding was there working out with us, casually). The only way I can logically describe it, is to tell you that it was a fitness rave. Think loud, LOUD music (and DJs on massive stages), women screaming, pyrotechnics, light shows, professional dancers, lots of neon/blacklights, and of course… lots of sweat and really dehydrated people.

Fortunately a fitness rave differs from a legitimate rave in that there are workout routines in place of the drugs; people are actually doing good things for their bodies instead of ecstasy. Interesting concept Nike has here, seems legit.

And leave it to Nike to turn a random bridge just east of Skid Row into an artsy, urban oasis/fitness rave arena. It was just dirty enough to be cool without being gross. Backdrops of the DTLA skyline at sunset were a nice touch.

This wasn’t my first Nike event, but it seems that every time I leave one of them, I’m drunk on Nike kool-aid, worshipping the swoosh. That said, it’s not completely baseless: the brand played a huge part in kicking off my fitness journey about a year ago, allowing this slow, lazy, uncoordinated and otherwise physically inept human to break into the world of sport and exercise. Still don’t understand most sports but I recently started noticing a bit of a four-pack making its way onto my torso, so that was chill.

N+TC created a community so people like me (read: athletically averse) could feel welcomed and encouraged. It’s the furthest thing from intimidating, despite how it may look at first. The app has workouts you can do at home, and the local stores host free fitness classes weekly (from run club to boot camp to yoga). The tour is a larger manifestation of the NTC concept, bringing the best of different fitness platforms, healthy foods, physical care and community into one place at one time. It’s like a big party. Pretty rad.

Chy and I were on the “Get Toned” schedule (because bikini season… and because getting “strong” didn’t seem reasonable to me). This included some circuit training, running and a Pound class which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Blasting Paramore and banging drumsticks while getting skinny toned? Yes.

Below are some photos I took (including one Nike took of us working out, really relieved we weren’t doing anything embarrassing) of the event… enjoy!

bb_ntc_2 bb_ntc_7 bb_ntc1 bb_ntc3

bb_ntc9 bb_ntc4


bb_ntc6 bb_ntc8

Top, Bottoms, Shoes (older model, similar here), and Bra (limited edition from the NWHM SF, similar here): Nike

bb_niketankbb_niketights bb_nikeshoes

Do you enjoy doing burpees? Of course not, you’re not a psycho! But… do you want to get hyped up on fitness and feel good and be a part of a cool community/on a path to getting fit and hot? Yes. Yes you do. You can check the N+TC tour schedule here.


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