seasonal remix

When looking for some spring style inspiration, something dawned on me – although the spring style aesthetic has its own, unique, archetypical elements (think bold florals, pastels, swingy skirts) – it’s also the merge of my two favorite seasons: summer and winter* (*my second favorite season is actually Christmas but let’s not get into the idiosyncrasies here).

Take for example, this plum Vince sweater (winter) and white J Crew skinnies (summer): apart, two separate seasons… together, with added elements of pale pink and a quick, messy braid? A feminine, color blocked style for spring. Or so I’d like to think…


bb_plum01 bb_plum02 bb_plum03 bb_plum04 bb_plum05

Also thinking of doing some braid tutorials… whaddya think? This one took me 30 seconds (in my office’s bathroom, no less) and was an easy way to not look like a hot mess today.

Hope you’re all having a delightful day!



Photos: Cheyenne Arnold

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