We just spent five days in beautiful Park City, Utah. Our second annual trip was kicked off with significantly warmer temps than last year (a whopping 50º… haha), but the snow began to fall about halfway through.

Park City is a stunning place; you feel like you’re in the middle of a Christmas card or a screensaver. It is with no exaggeration, a magical place.  Hovering over alpine trees and dreamy white snow on the ski lift, I felt completely disconnected from the everyday, and it was an incredible sensation.

I had such a blast snowboarding – despite the fact that I fell 976897087 times/hr (and at one point lost my snowboard…) – because the environment is just so breathtakingly beautiful. We took the lift up to a rest spot to grab hot cocoa, and snowboarded into town to grab pizza. Dream day.

We also visited the St. Regis Deer Valley for drinks – the Winter Dream hot cocoa is to DIE for (look out for a dupe recipe, I’ll probably be making it soon), so amazing, but we were super disappointed to find that the champagne Ice Bar (yes, Ice Bar) was MELTING BEFORE OUR EYES. Still looked cool when it was melted, though. On our last day, we got couples massages at Aura Spa. It was my second time at Aura, and I can’t say enough good things about that place.

I’ll get into a few recommended restaurants, but first, a few pictures…


at the SAN airport, obviously dressed for different climates


becoming a master of the falling leaf



my friend Janice, showing me the ropes of the slopes



the melting ice bar at the st. regis



grabbing drinks at the st. regis, deer valley



butt-sliding down my first black diamond run because pizza



stunning views in deer valley


park city mountain resort

bnb_pc06 bnb_pc07bnb_pc14

Some of my favorite restaurants for lunch/dinner:
Wasatch Brew Pub
501 on Main
Davanza’s Pizza

Places to grab a drink:
St. Regis Bar
No Name

Aura Spa (for great massages/body scrub treatments)
Neon Nails (inexpensive manicures)

The snow and cold weather served as a perfect dose of ‘winter’ (how sad, three days of snow and I’m like, “I’m good.”)… and now I’m so ready for springtime and summer weather at the beach here in San Diego.

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading :)


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