I Heart SF

Just got back from a quick trip San Francisco, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s weekend! My office doesn’t take President’s Day off (blah) so we drove back yesterday, and I’m already missing the city.

SF is one of my very favorite places in the world. I’ve been there a thousand times (okay, maybe 50… I’m pretty bad at math), yet I always discover new things each time I visit. I feel so lucky to have made some amazing memories there with my boyfriend.

Aside from exploring some new sites together, we dined at a couple new restaurants (as well as some of our secret favorites!). I can’t give away all my secrets (because it’s reeeally nice to get amazing Chinese food without a wait or reservation), but I’ll detail a few of the awesome things we did/ate over the past few days.

Here are some highlights from this past weekend – like a mini travel guide for a weekend in SF! (plus, a sneak peek at my next outfit post)









breve latte from outerlands


{insert heart eye emojis}


tipsy pig brunch


pulled pork hash (so much yum) from the tipsy pig







weekend essentials


st. dominic’s in lower pac heights



view of downtown sf from corona heights park



Visit Corona Heights Park
We stopped off on our drive to the Noe Valley Farmer’s Market (which we didn’t actually end up making it to, because my hybrid couldn’t get up the hills… nightmare), when we saw what looked like a really cool park, reminiscent of Scottish ruins (just go with it). What we found was a breathtaking view (the photo above) of the city and a really cool dog park.

Walk through the Palace of Fine Arts
This place is stunning… It transports you to another time. Totally instagram-able.

See the Conservatory of Flowers
Although it was a little too crowded (and way too hot, surprisingly enough) on Valentine’s day, I’m excited to go back and see the inside next time. The exterior is lovely.

Watch a soccer (I’m sorry, ‘football’) match at Kezar Pub
An awesome pub full of soccer and rugby fans (aka the kind of people who order Bloody Marys and Irish Car Bombs at 5AM), in Cole Valley, right on the edge of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Snap a picture on the OTHER side of the GGB
We took a trip over the bridge to the Marin County area to get some spectacular views of the iconic bridge.


Artisan Breakfast in the Sunset
I don’t think anyone ever thinks of fun places to eat or cool things to do in the Sunset. It’s just not really considered the happening area. I, however, love the Sunset. It’s mellow AF and there’s the beach and some gorgeous scenery, it’s walking distance to GGP, and there are surprisingly awesome restaurants that aren’t usually too crowded because like I said, no one is ever in the Sunset. Outerlands has a concise, carefully curated menu – a short, yet excellent list of selections. I’ve tried a handful of things on their menu (all mind-blowing), but happened to try a breve latte this time around. Game. Over. It was soooo good. Highly recommend. In summary: earthy, woodsy ambiance, great food, with words like ‘organic’ and ‘locally-sourced’ coming to mind.

Tipsy Pig
Trendy Brunch in the Marina
One of the Marina’s gems, the Tipsy Pig boasts a phenomenal brunch menu, rivaled only by its cocktail menu. Couple that with the stellar ambiance – a lush, open air patio with rustic vibes – and you’ve got yourself a winner, in my book.

Fine Seafood and Italian in the Wharf
Hands down, some of the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life. Tucked behind the main stretch in the Fisherman’s Wharf (which is notorious for being a tourist trap) is a hidden treasure of a restaurant; it was my grandma’s favorite restaurant, and I’m going to have to echo her sentiment… it’s probably my favorite. HOWEVER, it’s definitely not cheap (grandma was luxurious, apparently)…. save your pennies and expect to pay over $50 per person. It is well worth it!


Traveling to SF soon? Have questions? Leave me some comments, I’d love to chat more!


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