Running Around

I’ve been training this past month for my second half marathon! I can’t believe the Carlsbad Half is next weekend. I’m so, so far from an athlete, it’s not even funny. Actually, when I started training for my first half marathon in October (the Nike Women’s Half), the most frequently asked question/response I received was “WTF?” My friends were dumbfounded by the fact that I was partaking in – even attempting to partake in – any kind of physical activity. Like I said, it’s really outside my realm of abilities as a human being.

Running is so new to me, so the fact that I completed one and am about to do my second has given me so much confidence in myself and what I can do. Training has given me energy that I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t even need coffee! But I still want it… so I got some … and some quinoa breakfast… at Choice Juicery in Carlsbad.

I’ve had so much fun training with my boyfriend, who unlike me, is a legitimate athlete. He’s been my greatest source of encouragement, and has pushed me mentally and physically – like actually pushed me with his hand – when I’ve wanted to give up. It’s so nice to have a training buddy. I can’t wait to run with him next weekend.

I started training using the Nike+ app, which instilled in me a deep love for all things Nike. So I’m a little bit die-hard with my Nike products, as you’ll see…








Everything on my body: Nike 
(shoes are AirMax 2014 ID, I customized them. They say “RUN 4 PIZZA” and you can see them on my instagram here)


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